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May 6, 2015

Wikileaks Sony Hack Reveals Hollywood’s Hand In Repairing Israel’s Broken Image

by mkleit




CULVER CITY, California — A MintPress News analysis of emails contained in WikiLeaks archive of the Sony Hack reveals how Hollywood executives are working to repair Israel’s public image in the wake of the savage death toll from last summer’s Operation Protective Edge offensive against Gaza. This includes a proposed documentary which would attempt to tie support for Palestine to anti-semitic violence in Europe and the United States.

A group of hackers called Guardians Of Peace held Sony computers hostage last year before leaking thousands of files to the Internet. The U.S. government has attempted to link the crime to North Korea, citing retaliation for the controversial Sony Pictures film “The Interview.”

Searchable Sony archive shows Hollywood’s Zionist bias

Previous analysis of the leaked documents revealed how Sony executives, including Amy Beth Pascal, chairwoman of the Motion Pictures Group of Sony Pictures Entertainment from 2006 until just after the Sony Hack in 2015, made racially insensitive comments about Barack Obama.

WikiLeaks released a searchable archive of leaked internal emails and documents on April 16. Investigation of the archive shows a pattern of support for Israel and its violent Zionist policies both during and after the 2014 assault on Gaza by Sony employees and other important members of the film industry.

Known as Operation Protective Edge, the brutal assault left at least 2,000 civilians dead and some 150,000 homeless. Pascal and almost 200 other Hollywood executives publicly signed a Creative Community For Peacepetition blaming Hamas for the devastation of Israel’s attack on Gaza — an action the Jewish Journal cautioned “should not be confused with courage” in an op-ed titled “Hollywood Zionists are alive and well.”

A leaked email shows that the Creative Community For Peace works in direct opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which seeks to end investment in Israel and is especially strong on college campuses.

David Lonner, a TV producer on shows like “Devious Maids,” writers to Pascal on behalf of the CCFP:

“Over the past couple of years, I, along with a group of influential music execs put together a group called Creative Community for Peace which battles the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) which has tried to stop artists from performing in Israel. We have been very successful in making sure artists like Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Paul McCartney and others were not intimidated.”

Ali Abunimah, writing for The Electronic Intifada, revealed April 2014 emails showing Sony executives taunting Ehab Al Shihabi, CEO of Al-Jazeera America, in response to the network’s unbiased reporting on Palestine. Emails from August quote another executive, Steven Bernard, complaining to several other executives, including Pascal, that a report from Iran’s PressTV links Sony cameras to the guidance systems of Israeli rockets.

A deeper analysis of the emails by MintPress shows that Sony corporate culture is deeply aligned with Zionism, and many within Hollywood seek to take a more active role in creating propaganda opposed to Palestinian rights and statehood.

“Now, let’s win the media war

Pascal was on a mailing list for The Israel Project, a non-profit with financial ties to groups involved with other forms of propaganda, including planting pro-Israel stories on social media via paid interns.

In one fundraising email, received in September 2014, The Israel Project tells Pascal, “Israel Won. Now, Let’s Win The Media War.” The email continues:

“Israel won. Hamas lost. The terrorists have been forced to stop their onslaught without achieving anything. But the struggle isn’t over. Now, the battle moves to the global media. … Help the fight against Hamas by donating today.”

Though it’s not known whether Pascal ever donated as a result of this or similar campaigns, the WikiLeaks archive clearly demonstrates Sony and other Hollywood executive’s desire to win the “media war.”

Both Hollywood media sources and Mondoweiss have already covered an August 2014 email thread between Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of Relativity Media and a Hollywood producer (“The Social Network”), and another producer, Ron Rotholz (“Canadian Bacon”), which included dozens of celebrities and Hollywood elite in its “cc:” list — a list that inadvertently exposed a secret Natalie Portman email. Kavanaugh also signed the Creative Community For Peace petition.

During this exchange, Kavanaugh complains:

“The problem is that Moore ‘ law is kicking in. Before the summer 50 percent of college students supported israel, today less the 25 percent do. There are hate crimes against heed happening in almost every major metropolitan city, now including the US.”

The concern raised by Kavanaugh and other participants is that declining opinions of Israel could lead to a second Holocaust. “So what do we do?” he asks.

The same email thread returns in October, when Kavanaugh revives it by sharing a link to a CBS Evening News story about armed guards protecting synagogues in Germany during Yom Kippur. The email has a new subject: “Happy New Year. Too bad Germany is now a no travel zone for jews.”

It’s here that several film industry executives begin planning a more active role in the “media war.”

“The greatest messaging machine

Cassian Elwes, a British producer (“The Dallas Buyers Club”), responds to Kavanaugh’s link:

“How about we all club together and make a documentary about the rise of new anti semitism in Europe  I would be willing to contribute and put time into it if others here would do the same. Between all of us I’m sure we could figure out a way to distribute it and get it into places like Cannes so we could have a response to guys like loach. Perhaps we try to use it to rally support from film communities in Europe to help us distribute it there”

“Loach” refers to Ken Loach, a British filmmaker, who called for a boycott of Israeli cultural products at the 2014 Sarajevo Film Festival.

The idea is met with enthusiasm.

“I’m in,” replies Kavanaugh.

“Me too,” says Pascal.

Mark Canton, producer of films like “300,” jumps in to suggest: “Lets organize this.”

Jason Binn, founder of luxury fashion magazine DuJour, offers to promote the film, sight unseen, while Hollywood attorney and occasional actor Glenn Feig offers legal representation.

From this point forward, a new, smaller group begins sharing links to reports of anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S., but now with an eye toward building evidence for their proposed documentary. In addition to Elwes, Kavanaugh, Pascal, Feig, Binn and Rotholz, the group is joined by TV producer Ben Silverman (“Mob Wives”).

“Ron and I are talking in earnest tomorrow about directors. I don’t know if any if you know or have an opinion about him but I’m an admirer if Errol Morris,” writes Elwes on Oct. 10.

John Battsek, a producer of documentaries for Passion Pictures, is also discussed for possible involvement.

It’s clear that Elwes is aware of the power that Hollywood holds over the opinion of the global public.

“We work in the greatest messaging machine in the world and if we can’t get this message across no one can,”he writes on Oct. 5.

Linking Palestine to anti-Semitism

The group’s message is one that explicitly links anti-Semitism not just to recent, violent attacks on Jews worldwide but to any opposition to the policies of Israel. Because they believe that criticism of Israel could lead to a new Holocaust against Jews, all such criticism has to be vigorously opposed.

In September, Rotholz and Kavanaugh attacked a New York City performance of “The Death Of Klinghoffer,” a modern opera that’s critical of Israeli occupation of Palestine and the ways it leads to unrest and terrorism.

Kavanaugh explicitly links the opera to fears of a renewed Holocaust:

“We can continue to be silent and pretend this isn’t happening because it is not in our country yet. We can ignore the anti semitism akin to pre ww2 Germany … now lining the streets of london, France Germany and around the world. We all may think we’re protected here in the free US. We are not. It had now hit our doorstep and yet we remain silent?”

In reply, Rotholz writes:

“And tommorrow the UK Parliament are voting to recognise the State of Palestine, which would mean the recoginition of the current govt. co-run by Hamas …… Sweden, Poland and Hungary have already done this ……. many lines are being crossed …….. it’s a new reality for us.  The tacit and subtle recognition of Hamas as a legitimate government with legitimate policies and a legitimate charter, by Western governments is a hate crime on a global scale.”

Rotholz links to a video titled “The Jewish Voices on Campus,” in which students on U.S. campuses liken support for Palestine to anti-Semitic attacks.

“The issue is we do experience a lot of anti-semitism, in a lot of different ways,” Henry, a student at the University of California, Berkeley, says in one of the video’s first spoken sentences.

In the next shot, Michael, a Harvard University student, is seen speaking at a microphone. “To be completely honest with you, you know, being against Israel has become the cool thing to do,” he says.

Immediately following this statement is footage of peaceful, pro-Palestine demonstrators chanting on an unidentified college campus, while another student is heard describing a college professor who reportedly called his students “little jihadis.”

Later, in October 2014, the group working on the documentary project shares news of both recognition of Palestine by European governments and swastikas painted on university campuses with equal interest and dismay.

Based on the WikiLeaks archive and the other sources available, MintPress was unable to determine whether the documentary project remains active. If discussions continued after the hack, they are not available to the public. No IMDB listings or other industry news could be found for the proposed film.

While the proposed documentary may never reach theaters, it’s clear that Hollywood, the world’s “greatest messaging machine,” has been engaged in producing propaganda on behalf of Israel.

Natalie Portman - Israeli Shill 2

August 21, 2014

خمسة أسباب علمية وراء وحشية «داعش»

by mkleit

وضع الأستاذ في علم النفس في كلية «ترينيتي» في دبلن، والمدير المؤسس لمعهد «ترينيتي» للعلوم العصبية، إيان روبرتسون، 5 تفسيرات علمية للوحشية التي يمارسها تنظيم «داعش»، موضحاً أنه بينما يري الكثيرون قطع الرؤوس والأعمال المتطرفة الأخرى أمور غير وارد القيام بها، فإن هناك عدة عوامل يمكن أن تجعل من أي شخص «شخصية متطرفة».

1.«الوحشية» تولد «الوحشية»

الجزء الأول من الجواب قد يكون بسيطاً، يتمثل في أن «الوحشية» تولد «الوحشية»، كما أن الثمة المشتركة بين الأشخاص الذين تعرضوا للمعاملة بالقسوة، هي القسوة والعدوان وعدم التعاطف.

في معسكرات الاعتقال النازي، على سبيل المثال، كان العديد من الحراس الأكثر قسوة سجناء في سجون «كابوس» سيئة السمعة، الأمر الذي يعني أن الضحايا غالباً ما يستجيبون للصدمة بأن يتحولوا هم أنفسهم إلى جناة.

2.الاندماج في «المجموعة»

تحول الضحية إلى جاني ليس السبب الوحيد الذي يؤدي إلى «الوحشية»، ففي حالة انهيار الدولة، ينهار معها النظام والقانون والمجتمع المدني، ويبقي الحل الوحيد للبقاء هو «المجموعة»، بصرف النظر عن الاعتبارات الدينية أو العنصرية أو السياسية أو القبلية أو العشائرية، ويظل البقاء معتمداً على الأمن المتبادل الذي تقدمه المجموعة.

الحرب غالباً ما تربط الأشخاص في مجموعات، هذه الروابط تخفف الشعور بالخوف والضيق الذي يشعر به الفرد حينما تنهار الدولة، كما أنها توفر أيضاً الثقة بالنفس للأشخاص الذين يشعرون بالإذلال من فقدانهم لمنازلهم ومكانتهم في المجتمع.

في هذه الحالة تندمج الهويات الفردية والجماعية نسبياً، وتصبح تصرفات الأشخاص تعبيراً عن المجموعة أكثر ما هي تعبر عن إرادة الشخص نفسه. وحينما يحدث ذلك، قد يقوم هؤلاء بأشياء مرعبة لم يتخيلوا يوماً القيام بها، ويصبح ضمير الفرد ضئيل نسبياً داخل المجموعة. ومن ثم تقع مسؤولية «الوحشية» علي المجموعة أكثر من الفرد.

ويظهر ذلك بوضوح هلى وجوه مقاتلو «داعش» الذين يتسابقون في الظهور علي عربات، يلوحون بالأعلام السوداء، بابتسامات عريضة على وجوههم بعد ذبح من لا يعتنق الإسلام.

ولأن الهوية الفردية تكون ذائبة إلى حد كبير في هوية المجموعة، يصبح الفرد أكثر استعدادًا للتضحية بنفسه في المعركة، أو القيام بالتفجيرات الانتحارية.


التفكير في المذابح التي تحدث بين السنة والشيعة في العراق وسوريا يعكس حقيقة مرعبة، تتمثل في أنه داخل المجموعة، يتم تعزيز فكرة القبلية، وكراهية كل من هم خارج مجموعتهم.

وحتى حينما يكون العنف ضد المجموعات الأخرى مدمر للذات مثلما هو واضح بشكل مأساوي في الشرق الأوسط، فإن المجموعات التي تقوم على أسس دينية تظهر عداءاً ضد معارضيها أكثر من المجموعات التي لا تقوم على أساس ديني.


يري روبرتسون أن الانتقام «يعد قيمة كبيرة في الثقافة العربية، ويلعب دوراً في استمرارية الوحشية». ويولد الانتقام المزيد من الوحشية في دوامة لا تنتهي، لكن الأكثر من ذلك، أن الانتقام قد يكون حافز قوي، لكنه مخادع أيضاً، لأن الانتقام من شخص ما يضخم المشكلة ويؤدي إلى استمرارها.


يرتكب الأشخاص الذين ينتمون إلى مجموعات بأفعال وحشية إذا سمح لهم قادتهم بالقيام بذلك، خاصة إذا كانوا هؤلاء الأشخاص يرغبون في التضحية بأنفسهم لصالح المجموعة. فمقاتلو «داعش» يذبحون المسيحيين واليزيديين العزل لأن قادتهم أخبروهم أن هذا هو الشيء الصحيح الذي ينبغي عمله. والقادة، على أي مستوي من القبيلة إلى الدولة، هي المسؤولة عن الوحشية، والمشكلة تكمن في أن القادة يستطيعون إنهاء الوحشية، أو تشجيع الوحشية، وعندها لن يستطيع أي شيء الوقوف ضدها.


المصدر: المصري اليوم

March 26, 2014

“اسرائيل” طبيبة الشعوب

by mkleit
رئيس وزراء الكيان الصهيوني يسلم على أحد مقاتلي المعارضة السورية في مستشفى نهاريا

رئيس وزراء الكيان الصهيوني يسلم على أحد مقاتلي المعارضة السورية في مستشفى نهاريا

إن أراد المرء أن يتعلم أساليب استغلال النواحي الانسانية للأزمات من أجل مكاسب سياسية، فليوجه نظره الى ملك الملوك في هذا المجال: الكيان الصهيوني.

فلم يتوانى العدو عن وضع رجل ثابتة في سبيل “تحسين” علاقته مع الدول الاستراتيجية لبقائه عبر الدعم السياسي-الخطابي تارة والطبي-العسكري تارة أخرى. ففي فضاء الدجل الاعلامي، سوريا وأوكرانيا ليستا ببعيدتين عم الأنامل الصهيونية.

في الشق الأوكراني، ذكرت مواقع صهيونية ان ثمانية جرحى من المظاهرات الأوكرانية تعالجت في مستشفيات الكيان، وتكفلت جاليات يهودية بتكاليف العلاج. وكشفت صحيفة يديعوت أحرونوت العبرية أن أحد قادة المعارضة الأوكرانية هو جندي اسرائيلي سابق، وقد جند 4 من أصدقائه من الجيش الصهيوني و30 مترمد أوكراني لمظاهرات كييف. ويضاف الى ذلك المساعدات الطبية السخية التي قدمها كيان العدو، بحضور رسمي من رئيس وزراء “اسرائيل” بنيامين نتنياهو، الى حوالي 750 عنصراً من المعارضة السورية المتواجدين في مناطق درعا والجولان، منهم عناصر من جبهة النصرة.

ويضاف الى “السخاء” الاسرائيلي على المعارضة السورية تواجد أجهزة رصد ومتفجرات من صنع الكيان في حوزة بعض فصائل المعارضة السورية المسلحة في مناطق ريف دمشق ودرعا وحمص، كما ظهر في تقرير قناة BBC البريطانية في السادس من هذا الشهر.

“موضوع تقديم المساعدة للجرحى في سوريا وأوكرانيا هي ضمن سياسة إسرائيلية معروفة في استخدام العامل الإنساني لغايات سياسية ودبلوماسية”، يقول حسن حجازي، خبير في الشؤون الاسرائيلية، “هذا الشيء يمكن ملاحظته بعد الكوارث الطبيعية والزلازل في العديد من الدول مثل تركيا وباناما واليابان”، ويشير الى أن هدف الكيان الصهيوني هو “إنشاء وجه إنساني للعدو الذي يتمتع بسمعة سيئة، بالأخص في الوسط العربي، عبر ممارسة جرائمه ضد الفلسطينيين. فإسرائيل ترفق هذه المساعدات مع حملة دعاية إعلامية واضحة، ناهيك ان فرق الإنقاذ والإغاثة هي من الجيش الاسرائيلي وترتدي زيه، ما يخلق انطباعا وتعاطفا معه في الدول التي تزورها تلك الفرق”.

ويبرر العدو الصهيوني والجمعيات اليهودية العالمية “مساعدتهم” للأوكرانيين والسوريين بأنها “مسألة أمن قومي صهيوني ويجب تأمين العلاقات الجيدة مع الدول الاستراتيجية والشعوب الكافة”، بحسب آبي فوكسمان، مديرة لجنة معاداة التشهير (Anti-Defamation League – ADL)، والأخيرة تحارب كل أشكال “معاداة السامية”، وتستخدم ذاك الهدف، عطفا على التصريح المذكور، الى تبرير التدخل في الشأنين الأوكراني والسوري بذرائع لامنطقية، ولعل أبرزها هو تشبيه الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد بزعيم النازية الجرمانية أدولف هتلر، وإعادة خلق حالة من الهلع والخوف لإمكانية تكرار المحرقة اليهودية التي “سيقوم بها بشار في الكيان ان بقي على رأس النظام”، ووصلت بعض التصريحات والتلميحات من قادة المعارضة الأوكرانية، الصهاينة منهم، الى تشابه جزئي بين هتلر والرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين.

عنصر في الجيش الاسرائيلي، يخطب أمام المعارضين الأوكرانيين

عنصر في الجيش الاسرائيلي، يخطب أمام المعارضين الأوكرانيين

ولكن يرى حجازي هدف باطني لمثل هذه الإدعاءات حيث تستخدم فقط لزج المشاعر في القضايا الصهوينية، “وعلى المستوى السياسي تسعى اسرائيل الى مد جسور التعاون مع بعض الدول والجماعات في طابع إنساني، وهذا ينطبق على أوكرانيا والسلطات الجديدة فيها مثلا. فإسرائيل لم تستطع إصدار موقف علني يغضب روسيا، لذا اختارت القناة الانسانية للدخول الى قلوب الأوكرانيين”، يؤكد حجازي.

واستطاعت جمعيات مثل ADL واللوبي الصهيوني الأميركي الضغط على بعض الوزراء وأعضاء الكونغرس الأميركي، ولعل أبرزهم وزير الخارجية جون كيري، لتبني اسقاط نظام الأسد عبر عملية عسكرية. وذلك بدليل تصريح الوزير يوم الثالث من أيلول أمام الكونغرس حول أهمية الضربة الأميركية والتي ذكر فيها أن “هتلر استعمل السلاح الكيميائي لقتل ملايين اليهود، وصدام حسين استخدمه لقتل الإيرانيين وشعبه سويا، والآن يستخدمه بشار الأسد، وعلينا أن نواجه هذا الخطر قبل أن يصل الينا”.

وفي هذا السبيل، تستخدم “اسرائيل” أساليب العلاقات العامة في اتهام أعدائها بما تقوم به من أجل كسب المصالح وحماية حدود كيانها الغاصب. أي أن التهويل بضربة عسكرية ضد سوريا بذريعة غير موثوقة لاستخدام الأسد السلاح الكيميائي ضد المعارضة أو المواطنين، بيد أن استعمال هذا السلاح كان عبر من يهدد بتدميره و”حماية العالم منه”، فالصهيوني قد استخدم أسلحة الفوسفور الأبيض ضد الفلسطينيين في سنتي 2008 و2009، عدا عن ضرب أميركا الفييتناميين بما يقدر بـ20 مليون غالون من الكيميائيات ما بين سنتي 1962 و1971، ودعم وكالة الاستخبارات الأميركية صدام حسين في الاحتياز على تلك الأسلحة سنة 1988 ضد الأكراد والإيرانيين.

“في الموضوع السوري، إنه مرتبط بطبيعة الوضع المستجد على الحدود، ورغبة اسرائيل في خلق بيئة ودية بينها وبين الجماعات المسلحة من خلال تقديم المساعدات الانسانية، وربما مساعدات اخرى”، يشدد حجازي ويضيف الى أن هذا يضع أسس التعاون بين الكيان الصهيوني والجماعات المسلحة التي تسيطر على جزء من الحدود السورية-الفلسطينية، مما يوفر ضمانة أمنية للكيان، “اضافة الى البعد السياسي المرتبط بتأييد اسرائيل لخط الجماعات المسلحة المعادية للحكومة السورية والتي تشكل رهانا إسرائيلياً في ضرب سوريا كركيزة أساسية ضمن محور المقاومة”.

March 16, 2013

They Taught Us Life, Sir!

by mkleit

[Written version of the poem is at the end of the post]


None would’ve said it any better; Rafeef explains the relationship between Western journalists, in particular, and the global view with the Palestinian cause.

In 2012, “israel” launched several aggression on the non-occupied territories of Palestine. The most prominent were operations “Defense Shield 2002”, “Summer Rains 2006”, “Cast Lead 2008-2009”, and most recently operation “Pillar of Cloud 2012”. Each aggression was preceded by a media propaganda campaign against Hamas, the Palestinian authority in the Gaza strip, as well as the most common key fact of almost every global conflict: elections! (as the diagram below shows)


Notice the death toll between both sides, there’s no equal comparison for both sides, as the pie chart shows on the top right corner. For those who don’t know, Palestinians don’t have shelters in Gaza, little food, polluted water, no electricity, not much of building material, yet they stood tall in front of every attack from the “israeli” side.

Every UN resolution calls out for Human Rights, women rights, child rights, freedom of speech, freedom of faith, freedom to live… None of these are implemented in the remaining lands of Palestine (Gaza and Jerusalem). But global powers and “peace keepers” turn a blind-eye when “israel” tortures Palestinians, imprisons them, closes down tunnels, roads, and persecutes every person that looks Arab.

“israel” is not the “land of God”, as the creators of apartheid claim it is. The land of God is free of racists, atheists, terrorists, and liars! They do not abuse! They do not occupy! and most certainly they do not kill the innocent and helpless!

Palestinians have and are fighting to take back the land that has been stolen from them since 1948, ask an “israeli” about that date, he’ll tell you “we just came back home”… Ask a Palestinian about 1948, you’ll know the true story behind the whole issue of Palestine and “israel”. And if an “israeli” or even an extremist Jew would answer that Palestine is their homeland and it was given to them by the British because of what Hitler did to the Jew, there are two issues here:

1- Hitler massacred many ethnicities and races, other than Jews.

2- In what sense would Britain give the zionists Palestine after what Hitler did in Germany?


You are not allowed to talk about anything concerning “israel” or Palestine from 1948 and before; it’s not in the “israeli” text books, documents, or films. And they keep on giving the world a view of Palestinians as dehumanized creatures and an approval to oppress and even kill them.

Through all the torture, sanctions, oppression, and death toll that Palestinians suffer, they’re still fighting back with pebbles, stones, and light weaponry. Recently, the Qassam brigade, the military wing of Hamas, acquired missiles that would change the equation a bit in the hands of the Palestinians of Gaza against “israel”, which owns air forces, naval forces, and land forces; and acquires one of the most advanced armies in the world. Yet they lack key factors that Palestinians have ever since they have been occupied: Determination and Credo.

Palestinians, through this all, have taught the whole world, every day, Life!


Today, my body was a TV’d massacre.

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits.
Today, my body was a TV’d massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits filled enough with statistics to counter measured response.
And I perfected my English and I learned my UN resolutions.
But still, he asked me, Ms. Ziadah, don’t you think that everything would be resolved if you would just stop teaching so much hatred to your children?
I look inside of me for strength to be patient but patience is not at the tip of my tongue as the bombs drop over Gaza.
Patience has just escaped me.
Pause. Smile.
We teach life, sir!
Rafeef, remember to smile.
We teach life, sir!
We Palestinians teach life after they have occupied the last sky.
We teach life after they have built their settlements and apartheid walls, after the last skies.
We teach life, sir!

But today, my body was a TV’d massacre made to fit into sound-bites and word limits.
And just give us a story, a human story.
You see, this is not political.
We just want to tell people about you and your people so give us a human story.
Don’t mention that word “apartheid” and “occupation”.
This is not political.
You have to help me as a journalist to help you tell your story which is not a political story.
Today, my body was a TV’d massacre.
How about you give us a story of a woman in Gaza who needs medication?
How about you?
Do you have enough bone-broken limbs to cover the sun?
Hand me over your dead and give me the list of their names in one thousand two hundred word limits.

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits and move those that are desensitized to terrorist blood.
But they felt sorry.
They felt sorry for the cattle over Gaza.
So, I give them UN resolutions and statistics and we condemn and we deplore and we reject.
And these are not two equal sides: occupier and occupied.
And a hundred dead, two hundred dead, and a thousand dead.
And between that, war crime and massacre, I went out words and smile “not exotic”; smile, “not terrorist”.
And I recount, I recount a hundred dead, two hundred dead, a thousand dead.
Is anyone out there?
Will anyone listen?
I wish I could veil over their bodies.
I wish I could just run barefoot in every refugee camp and hold every child, cover their ears so they wouldn’t have to hear the sound of bombing for the rest of their life the way I do.
Today, my body was a TV’d massacre
And let me just tell you, there’s nothing your UN resolutions have ever done about this.
And no sound-bite, no sound-bite I come up with, no matter how good my English gets, no sound-bite, no sound-bite, no sound-bite, no sound-bite will bring them back to life.
No sound-bite will fix this.
We teach life, sir!
We teach life, sir!
We Palestinians wake up every morning to teach the rest of the world life, sir!


“israeli” soldiers holding a gun behind a wall that has a graffiti “Free Palestine”



February 17, 2013

Bahrain: The Palestine of the Arab Gulf

by mkleit

For those of you who don’t know, this is Bahrain: (feel free to google for more information about the country)

Bahrain is located in the Middle East, it is the smallest Arab country but an influential one with its oil riches

Probably the title may seem as a political opinion, but it’s not. This would be far from a political analysis as much as it would be a humanitarian spread of information.

Bahrain has followed the stream of the so-called “Arab Spring”, though in my personal opinion, it is the only country that is having a true revolution, alongside the protests in Eastern provinces of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
The reason for that: Bahrain is only “Arab Spring” country that has minimal news coverage since the 14th of February 2011, the start of its revolution.

For me, it is because of the verity of its peaceful protest and their would be no use for “the higher powers” of a change in Bahrain’s current political system. But if you have checked the outcome of other “Arab Spring” revolution you might realize the following:

  1. Egypt is still in time of turmoil due to “unchanged” regime that has come to their newly formed political system.
  2. Yemen is drowning in political problems that keep on evolving day by day due to tribal collisions and deviation from the original demands of the revolution.
  3. Tunisia, the first spark of the revolutions, are not different from their Egyptian counterparts, where the type of regime is the same, and with the same results as well.
  4. Libya has entered a excruciating civil war that’s tearing the country apart, as well as the great loss in most of its resources after the NATO interference in removing former dictator Muamar Ghaddafi. Libya was concerned a country that could turn all of Africa into a huge green space due to its resources that varied from gold, oil, gas, and water.
  5. Syria is a complex issue. From my own point of view, the first protests were true and honest until it was infiltrated by several terrorist groups that tore several regions of country apart, especially within the opposition itself. The reformation that Syrian president Bashar Assad has done lessened the levels of violence, until the terrorist groups have took over the whole opposition. It’s not weird that you find several central commands for the Syrian opposition; most of them not related to each other, such as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Syrian National Council, Al-Nusra Front, etc… Media had a huge role in diverting public opinions to be extreme to both pro and anti-regime.

All that, Palestine is still outside the map and witnessed a severe aggression from the zionist entity in its land. To make this all brief and straight forward, “israel” is the only one that’s benefiting from the “Arab Spring”. From the North, there are Lebanon and Syria that are directly affected with the latter’s crisis.

Syria, part of the axis of opposition to “israel”, with Lebanon, Iran, and Palestine. The zionist entity also benefited from Egypt’s turmoil, since the Arab country has a huge weight in the Arab-israeli conflict, due to geopolitical reasons. While as the rest of the Arab countries, fall under colonial benefits for elite nations.


Bahrain’s revolution in Photo


But what about Bahrain? Why makes it special apart from all other Arab countries that witnessed revolutions? I’ll tell you why. Bahrain is the only country among the above mentioned that served a peaceful unarmed revolution, yet the regime faced the protests with apprehensions, detainment, preposterous legislation, and death.

Where was the media from all this? Mainstream media in the Arab Gulf is an allied nation by itself and follows the command of the Gulf kings. One Ommani friend once told me in a gathering of Journalists in Amman, Jordan: “You can only praise the king, army, allies, and religion in Arab mainstream media, but not criticize them, or else…”

Or else the king and his allies will either seize your acts, by diplomacy or force, and what’s even worse, diverting public opinion against you. Thus what is happening in the smallest Arab country. Search mainstream media during news broadcasts, only a small number of them would report the Bahraini revolution on a daily basis, those who have a political agenda with the people, such as Al-Alam TV (Iranian), al Manar TV (Lebanese, pro-Hezbollah), Press TV (Iranian), Addonnia (Syrian, pro-government), Itijah TV (Iraqi, Lebanese-based, pro-axis of opposition to “israel”), al-Akhbar newspaper (Lebanese, pro-axis of opposition to “israel”) and few more. On the other side, worldwide media outlets would only mention Bahrain if it’s a global matter such as the F1 competition, Arab Gulf League gathering, or some festival…

And to make things worse, Saudi and Bahraini officials have agreed to send Saudi forces to the Arab island to “preserve peace and harmony”. None of which is being achieved due to the continuous oppression on protesters.


Bahrain – Palestine, the wound is one


Why Palestine and Bahrain are sort of similar?

  1. Occupied by foreign forces; the only difference stands is that Palestine is occupied by a religiously-based extremist movement of no nationality, known as zionism, which has an ideology that Palestine and parts of the Arab world are their “promised land”. Bahrain is currently occupied by religiously-based extremist movement of a known nationality, known as Wahabism, which has an ideology of oppressing all what is not Wahabi, regardless if the oppressed was Muslim or not.
  2. International mainstream media ignores the situation of the oppressed and often leans towards the oppressor, that is if the whole situation was reported. While as local Arab media would report Palestine on a daily basis, but not giving it a priority, while as Bahrain is completely marginalized.
  3. Journalists in both countries are being censored or faced with harsh treatment while performing their job.
  4. The stereotype that both countries’ are being oppressed on a secular basis, Palestine because they are Muslims and Bahrain because they are Shiites. This is completely falsified, Palestine is a multicultural society, it has Muslims, Christians, Jews, communists, secularists, and so on. Bahrain’s revolution is based on the collaboration of Shiites with Sunnis, secularists, and communists all together.

I do believe there are several more reasons that correlate with the comparison. God save Bahrain and Palestine. The latter is the mother, and the first is its two-years old child.

November 16, 2012

300: This is Gaza!

by mkleit



After my recent post about israeli attacks on Gaza strip, whether lately or years ago, analyses show that the zionist military does not into direct combat with the Palestinian resistance. 

The israeli “defence” forces (IDF) relies solely on three things: aircraft mostly, long range land artillery, and naval bombardment. Troops were never used during the attacks on Gaza, but now that the equation has changed, israeli War Minister Ihud Barak announces recruiting 75000 substitute soldiers. 

Let’s review some facts:

– Gaza strip alone contains over two million Palestinian residents.

– Palestinian Intifada (revolution) against the israeli occupation started in 1987 using mostly sling-shots and stones.

– Second Intifada started in 2000 and sling-shots became AK47 (Russian machine gun).

– In 2009, al Qassam Brigade (The military wing of Palestinian Hamas party) were able to attain missiles in order to return the israeli attacks on Gaza and level up with the aggression imposed on them.

– In 2012, Palestinian al Qassam Brigade were able to shoot down an israeli F16 jet fighter and apprehend its two pilots. 

– The israeli “defense” forces contains over 300000 soldiers, and 75000 substitutes.

– al Qassam Brigade soldiers are unknown in number, yet less than the IDF (I don’t agree that IDF are a defense force, they were always a cause of aggression and offense on the Palestinian side).

I remembered at this point the movie 300, when the Spartan leader Leonidas was telling his Archadian ally that he has more soldiers than him, not by number, but by profession.

israelis and zionists around the world, this is not Sparta, This Is Gaza!

300 movie clip

October 30, 2012

The Zionist Story (Full Documentary)

by mkleit

The Zionist Story, an independent film by Ronen Berelovich, is the story of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid to produce a demographically Jewish State. Ronen successfully combines archival footage with commentary from himself and others such as Ilan Pappe, Terry Boullata, Alan Hart and Jeff Halper.

September 18, 2012

هل هناك فيلم أم ان العرب هم الفيلم؟

by mkleit

الياس خوري

حتى الآن لم ير احد الفيلم الذي اخرجه رجل مستعار الاسم قيل انه سام بازيل او سام باسيل، وهو اسرائيلي امريكي، ثم قيل ان باسيل هو منتج الفيلم اما مخرجه فيدعى آلان روبرتس، كما قيل ان مخرج الفيلم رجل آخر اسمه نيقولا باسيلي نيقولا. الاول مقاول والثاني نصاب ومختلس. اما عنوان الفيلم ‘براءة المسلمين’، فليس هو العنوان الاصلي، اذ قيل ان عنوانه كان ‘مقاتلو الصحراء’، وهو يدور قبل الفي سنة اي قبل ظهور الاسلام، وان اسم بطله خلال التصوير كان جورج، لكنه تحوّل في ‘التريلر’ الذي عرض على اليو- تيوب الى محمد.

الاصولي الصهيوني- المسيحي المتعصب تيري جونز، الذي اراد احراق القرآن هلل للفيلم، والمصري المعتوه موريس صادق، الذي يهلوس بفكرة طرد المسلمين الى الصحراء دعمه، والمحافظون الجدد من ايتام جورج دبليو بوش، رقصوا طربا له.

حكاية تلخص ابشع ما في العنصرية وفوبيا الاسلام واللاسامية الجديدة ضد العرب والمسلمين.

لكن السؤال هو هل هناك فيلم؟

قيل انه عرض مرة واحدة في كاليفورنيا لكن العرض توقف لأن الصالة كانت فارغة. عمليا لم ير احد الفيلم الذي هدد السيد نيقولا باسيلي نقولا، قبيل سوقه الى التحقيق، بأنه سيعرضه كاملا، وسيتحفنا بساعتين من البذاءة والهبل والسفالة!

تابعت اخبار هذا الفيلم اللعين في جميع الصحف الامريكية، فلم اعثر على خبر، بل عثرت على نتف تشبه النمائم، ولم اقرأ مقالا واحدا لناقد او صحافي شاهده.

هل نحن امام خدعة صنعها الاعلام الالكتروني، وحققت هدفها، بأن تحولت طبلا رقص على ضرباته الوف المتظاهرين في دول الربيع العربي الاربع: مصر وليبيا وتونس واليمن، اضافة الى السودان وتسبب في فوضى دموية اودت بالسفير الامريكي في ليبيا وببعض المتظاهرين.

وحين تسأل ماذا يجري لا يجيبك سوى الصراخ والدعوة الى الثأر للكرامة، واحراق القنصليات والمدارس والاعلام. كأننا امام جنون جماعي منظم اُفلت من عقاله، حيث احتل السلفيون المشهد مهددين متوعدين السلطات الاسلامية في بلادهم؟

ما هذا؟

قبل الغضب والهياج الجماهيري كان يجب ان نسأل هل هناك فيلم ومن صنعه؟ أم ان من نظّم وقاد هذه الاحتجاجات كان يبحث عن حجة كي ينزل الى الشارع ويقتل ويدّمر. اميل الى الاعتقاد ان الفيلم الحقيقي كان في الشوارع، اما ‘التريلر’ الذي لا تزيد مدته عن اربع عشرة دقيقة فكان الحجة.

دعوني اطرح بعض الأسئلة:

اولا، ألا يجدر بنا ان نقرأ الفيلم في سياق الحملة الانتخابية الامريكية، حيث يكشّر اليمين المحافظ والصهيوني عن انيابه بهدف اسقاط باراك اوباما وايصال رومني الى الرئاسة. ان من يتابع حملة التجييش الاعلامية والاعلانية في الولايات المتحدة يعلم ان باراك اوباما يُشتم لسببين، الاول بوصفه ابن رجل مسلم يدعى حسين، والثاني لأنه لا يستأنس بغطرسة نتنياهو وعنجهيته، فرئيس الحكومة الاسرائيلية يعتقد انه يستطيع جر امريكا الى الحرب مع ايران. الا يمكن ان نرى في هذه الضجة الدموية احدى الوسائل للبرهنة على انه في 11 ايلول/ سبتمبر 2012 جرت مذبحة جديدة ضد الامريكيين، قام بها مسلمون في عهد رئيس يدعون انه مسلم.

انا لست هنا في معرض الدفاع عن ادارة اوباما التي اثبتت عجزها و/او عدم رغبتها في التخلي عن دعمها الاعمى للاحتلال الاسرائيلي، ولكن ما وصفته هو حقيقة الاشياء كما تبدو في سياق الحملة الرئاسية الامريكية.

ثانيا، الا يحق لنا ان نتساءل لماذا انفجرت المظاهرات في مصر وليس في اي مكان آخر. فالاحتجاجات الصاخبة ضد الرسوم الكاريكاتورية الدنماركية المسيئة للرسول العربي، بدأت في السعودية قبل ان تنتشر في العالمين العربي والاسلامي؟ ثم لماذا اقتصرت الاحتجاجات على دول الربيع العربي دون غيرها؟ هل يعود السبب كما قيل الى المناخ الديمقراطي الذي اطلقته الثورات؟ أم ان العكس صحيح، فالاحتقان الديني يشكل متنفسا للشعوب التي ترزح تحت نير الاستبداد، وبالتالي يكون من المنطقي ان تنفجر مظاهرات الغضب فيها، مثلما حصل دائما؟

ثالثا، هل صحيح ان المظاهرات كانت عفوية؟ لا شك انه يمكن الاستنتاج بأن اصابع تنظيم ‘القاعدة’ لعبت دوراً كبيرا في اغتيال السفير الامريكي في ليبيا، لكن من انزل جحافل الاصوليين الى الشوارع؟ هل نزلوا بشكل عفوي تعبيرا عن مشاعرهم، ام هناك قيادة قررت هزّ العصا في وجه الاخوان والنهضة، من اجل ان تُحدث تعديلا في ميزان القوى السياسي الذي اسفرت عنه الانتخابات؟

رابعا، هل استغل السلفيون الفيلم من اجل التحرك داخليا ولفرض وجودهم على الأرض، ام هناك ايضا اجندة لدى بعض مموليهم تتمنى فوز رومني، لأنها تعتبر ان ضرب ايران هو اولويتها المطلقة؟

خامسا، لنفترض ان الافتراضات السابقة كلها خاطئة، فلماذا اتخذ التحرك ضد ‘تريلر’ تافه وسفيه ولم يره احد تقريبا، هذا الشكل الدموي الاعلامي؟

هل يكفي ان يعزف مهوس عنصري على زماره حتى يرقص على ايقاعه الراقصون؟ اين العقل؟ وما هذه الشعارات الخرساء التي لا تقول شيئا؟ هل يعتقدون ان التعامل مع الدول يكون بتحميلها مسؤولية عمل مشين قامت به عصابة وسوف تكشف الأيام انه لم يكن فيلما، بل كان استفزازا رخيصا وصل اصحابه الى مبتغياتهم، بل الى اكثر من ذلك: تصوير العرب كغوغاء، وتشويه ثوراتهم الديمقراطية والاستنتاج بأن الدولة الصهيونية العنصرية هي الديمقراطية الوحيدة في المنطقة.

هل هذا ما ارادوه، ام هــــم يتــــبعون مشاريع لا يفقــــهون منــــها شيئا، وتهدف في النـــهاية الى تحويل البلاد العربية الى مزبلة؟

وغدا سوف تثبت الأيام ان الفيلم الوحيد الذي هدف هـــذا ‘التريلر’ الى الاعلان عنه، هو الفيلم الذي رأيناه في الشوارع العربية.

لا يوجد فيلم حقيقي غير هذا الفيلم المثير للأسى والسخرية.

وهذا يعيدنا الى كلام المتنبي الذي وصف حال الأجداد بكلام لا يزال للأسف صالحا لوصف حال الأحفاد:

‘أغايةُ الدينِ ان تَحفو شواربكم

يا أمةً ضحكت من جهلِها الأممُ

القدس العربي

September 1, 2012

An Islamic perspective on the Illuminati

by mkleit

“Article is not mine and it’s taken from the source at the end as it is.”


Indeed, the Illuminati have played a huge role for a long time. A role in the politics of the world, a role in the economics of the world and a role in controlling hearts and minds. But controlling the hearts in particular, because the heart is the most powerful influence inside the human body.

The human Heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body. Important, because we’ve always been taught that the brain is where all the action is.

While the brain does have an electrical & a magnetic field, they are both relatively weak compared to the Heart. The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically & up to 5,000 times stronger …magnetically than the brain. Important, because the physical world – as we know it – is made of those 2 fields: electrical & magnetic fields of Energy. Physics now tells us that if we can change either the magnetic field or the electrical field of the atom, we literally change that atom and its elements within our body and this world. The human Heart is designed to do BOTH.

Subhanallah, there are many verses in the Quran which refer to the power of the heart, here are some:

“Have they not traveled in the land and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear.” the Holy Quran (22:46)

“Having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not.” -the Holy Quran (7:179)

“And their hearts are sealed, so that they apprehend not.” -the Holy Quran (9:87)

“These are they into whose hearts He has impressed faith and strengthened them with a spirit from Him.”-the Holy Quran (58:22)

“And as for those who believe not in the Hereafter their hearts refuse to know, for they are proud.”-the Holy Quran (16:22)

“Such are they whose hearts and ears and eyes God hath sealed. And such are the heedless.” -the Holy Quran (16:108)

“Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest.”-the Holy Quran (13:28)

The Holy Qur’an

“He it is who sent down peace of reassurance into the hearts of the believers that they might add faith unto their faith.” the Holy Quran (48:4)

“Lo! therein verily is a reminder for him who hath a heart”-the Holy Quran (50:37)

Allah basically states, that the heart can see which our external eyes cannot see. Meaning, the ones who see with “TWO EYES” can clearly see the strange world in which we live in today. But the “ONE EYED” people in the world cannot see the world in which we live in today. They are internally blind.

Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein has said many times in his lectures, that to understand Dajjjal (the anti-christ) and to understand the signs of Qiyammah, it doesn’t just take academic research but also spiritual insight.Spiritual insight helps Muslims see with “TWO EYES.” There are many secular Muslims and so-called modern Muslims today who compromise their religion to fit in. Such Muslims obviously only see with ONE EYE.

They do not understand that the world order we live in today is controlled by Dajjal the false messiah, they do not understand that the world in which we live in today is the last age since all the signs of Qiyammah are slowly coming true.

The Illuminati are a society who have assumed control over the whole world, and have also teamed up with the free masons. I wrote a short article on the Illuminati not too long ago, explaining actually who they are and what their real agenda is.

This article provides a brief islamic perspective on these secret societies. The Islamic perspective is, that we live in a world controlled by Dajjal (anti-christ). The proof is all around us.

Lady Gaga and the anti-christ

The food is corrupted, society is corrupted, there are no family values, the world of politics is corrupted, the world economy is now corrupted with severe slavery and the media is also now hugely corrupted.

But this world is politically strange as well. The strangeness of this world is, that all the events which are happening in the world today have never happened  before.

We live in a world where everything is globalized and controlled by one people. Everyone follows the same way of life and life style. Eats the same food and wears the same type of clothes. The McDonald’s fast food franchise is all over the world, the Pizza hut franchise as well as others. We live in a globalized society where one way of life has taken over.

If you look at the world a hundred years ago, and look at the world now, you would be surprised to see, that the world has been in a big time moral and social decline. If a women walked around a hundred years ago here in the United States half-naked, she would get arrested for it.

But today, what do we see?

We see nude beaches, and people walking around with their shirts off not caring about their immodest conduct.

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf said in one of his lectures about the Dajjal, that Dajjal will play a role opposite to the role of Jesus (peace be upon him). Because Dajjal in english is considered to be the ANT-CHRIST. Get it? The “ANTI” Christ; since Jesus (peace be upon him) taught his people to not get addicted to the Dunya, Dajjal’s mission is to make people addicted to the dunya. Jesus (peace be upon him) use to recommend his followers that forget this world, it is an illusion, work for the here after.

But Dajjal (ant-christs) mission is to make us think that this world is the truth, and the next world is an illusion. His job is to make us disbelieve in God Almighty. And he has slowly done that through groups such as the free masons and the Illuminati. The Illuminati and the Free masons want to completely strip the world of religious beliefs, and so far they have done a great job of doing that.

They have done that, largely in the Muslim world as well. Many Muslims are now brainwashed and secularized thanks to the propaganda of the free masons and the Illuminati.  They have made the religious way of life look like the destructive way of life and have waged a war against the religious way of life.

Oh yes, the illuminati-free masonic war is not restricted to Islam, but it has also corrupted other faiths such as Christianity and Jewdaism.

The Dajjal or Anti-Christ will appear with one eye and the word “Kaffer” (blasphemer) on his forehead. In the zionist army, there’s a military wing called Kifr.

The world in which we live in today is run by Dajjal plain and simple. The Zionists establishment of the state of Israel is a major sign that Dajjal is in control of the world. Before Dajjal can come, I have explained in many of my articles that Dajjal has to do a few things:

Firstly, he had to so-called liberate Palestine from Muslim control, he did that in world war one after the destruction of the Ottoman empire by the british.

Secondly, He would have to have the Jews migrate to the holy land, which was happening after world war one, and then establishing a state of Israel, which occurred in 1948 after world war two.

Thirdly, he has to make that Israel so powerful, that it becomes the super power of the world. Israel soon will wage big wars to become the next super power and to show the world that it is indeed a super power.

But I have explained in another article called Dajjal’s (Anti-Christs) possible connection with the 2012 olympics that before Israel can wage these big wars, there is a weapon which Muslims have that they can use against Israel, which Israel fears. And that weapon is Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

I fear that soon, their could be a false flag event at the Olympics which will be blamed on Pakistan. It will justify the invasion and destruction of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

This plan was created more than ten years ago. They want to denuclearize Pakistan so it can not pose as a threat to Israel. Israel like I said, has to wage big wars to become the next super power before Dajjal the false messiah can come down. Israel cannot wage those big wars if countries like Iran and Pakistan still have weapons which pose a threat to Israel. That is why the Illuminati-free masonic-zionist axis invaded Afghanistan, just to one day invade and destroy Pakistan especially, to remove the threat of its nuclear weapons to Israel.

For a more detailed explanation, Please see my article Dajjal’s (Anti-Christs) next two targets: Iran and Pakistan


The battle between good and bad continues until the end of time, between Christ (p) and the Anti-Christ

Dajjal is going to appear as the false messiah. Because Jesus (peace be upon him) is  obviously the true messiah. Like I said in many of my other articles, that the Jews did not accept Jesus as the messiah 2,000 years ago. So even today, the Jews are waiting for their so-called messiah. But that messiah will be the false messiah Dajjal. Then after Dajjal appears,shortly after Jesus (peace be upon him) will come and kill Dajjal and then peace and justice will be restored in the world.

The Illuminati and the free masonic world order has rolled down the red carpet for the arrival of Dajjal. They have plotted and planned and are still planning  but we all know God almighty is the best of planners.

“And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.”  (Surah-Imran verse 54).

We pray that God almighty guides us and helps us to understand the truth and the world for what it really is, a deception. Amen.

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Mysterious Age

May 17, 2012

Conspiracy Theories via

by mkleit

The CIA and AIDS


(image via: nationalgeographic)

The CIA is a dark and deadly organization. Some think they are the courageous defenders of ‘freedom and democracy’ overseas. Others call them the biggest terrorist organization on the planet. One of the very many conspiracy theories that swirl around them like fog is that they were responsible for AIDS. It has been suggested that it was created in CIA labs and that the government deliberately injected gay men with the virus during 1978 hepatitis-B experiments in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. That may seem far-fetched and without any sane motive, but of course it is a fact that the CIA engaged in illegal experiments where they administered LSD to unwitting Americans without their consent so its easy to see why people regard them with suspicion. Incidentally, most members of the scientific community believe the virus jumped from monkeys to humans but the conspiracy theorists are far from convinced.

Roswell and Alien Autopsies


(image via: patdollard)

Something crashed on a remote ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Was it a weather balloon, as the official story suggests, or was it an alien spaceship? Conspiracy theorists think it was the latter. First reports said it was some sort of saucer but that was hastily amended to a weather balloon. Possibly it was neither, but rather a high-altitude, top-secret military balloon from Project Mogul. Descriptions of the wreckage first reported by the original eyewitnesses match photos of the Project Mogul balloons, down to the silvery finish and strange symbols. But what about the alien autopsies? Well they didn’t surface until decades later, when a book on the topic was published. There probably was a cover-up, but did it involve flying saucers and alien bodies or just a top-secret, high-altitude balloon that they wanted to keep quiet?

Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered?


(image via: cinematicpassions)

Marilyn was found dead in the bedroom of her Los Angeles house and the death was attributed to ‘acute barbiturate poisoning’ and ‘probable suicide’ by the coroner. She was a long-term barbiturate user and had a history of overdose. In fact, she had a history of not only overdosing, but of being resuscitated. However many individuals including Jack Clemmons, the first LAPD officer to arrive at the house, and her ex-husband Joe Di Maggio, believe she was murdered. Monroe had been having an affair with John F Kennedy and perhaps with his brother Bobby too. She was also a close associate of Frank Sinatra, who himself had influential friends in organized crime. It is suggested that Monroe, something of a ‘loose cannon’ with her drug problems and chaotic lifestyle, was killed on the instructions of the Kennedy’s because she knew too much about the political dynasty’s Mafia links and was threatening to go public to get back at Robert for dumping her.

The Holocaust Conspiracy


(image via: sheppard)

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some conspiracy theorists believe that the deliberate extermination of 6 million Jews in the Nazi concentration camps is simply a conspiracy intended to discredit Hitler. They do not deny that Jews were interned in prison camps during World War II but argue that the number of deaths was greatly exaggerated. They say that the pictures of emaciated people and bodies stacked like cord wood were actually of Poles and Germans who died of typhus rather than being the victims of mistreatment. They maintain that gas chambers were just a rumor. To buy into this revisionist view one would need to discount the mountain of pictorial and first-hand witness evidence available, but that’s never stood in the way of a conspiracy theory before.

The New World Order


(image via: photobucket)

There are many conspiracy theories floating around that involve ‘secret societies’ but the main ones can be pulled together under the umbrella title of ‘the new world order’, a power-hungry global elite who seek to rule the planet via a police-state, one-world government. Secret societies such as the Illuminati and The Bilderberg Group are the tools through which this power elite work. The theory goes that perhaps less than 3,000 of the worlds top figures in commerce, politics and finance are the puppet-masters pulling the strings and this is really the ultimate conspiracy theory from which so many others spring. The recent banking collapse, for example, or the imposition of draconian police-state powers under ‘anti-terrorist’ laws can be seen as necessary steps towards the global police state that will be the ‘new world order’. Is it happening ? I guess it all depends how you interpret things.


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