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March 25, 2016

Stop Wahhabist School to Fight Terrorism

by mkleit

Young man sitting in front of Brussels’ stock exchange building


Terrorist attacks in Europe has caused a two-way incitement between Europeans and Muslims, which is a result that terrorist group ISIL is trying to reach as they’ve said after the Charlie Hebdo attacks on the 7th of January 2015: “compel the Crusaders (Europeans) to actively destroy the garrison themselves… Muslims in the West will quickly find themselves between one of two choices, they either apostatize… or they emigrate to the Islamic State and thereby escape persecution from the Crusader governments and citizens”.

The latest attacks on the Belgian capitol Brussels left 35 dead and 270 injured when suicide bombers hit Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station on Tuesday morning. Recent reports from Belgian media showed that people involved in the terrorist attacks are Muslims and of Arab background.

Mostly, Europeans would blame the millions of Muslims in Europe (and a lot of them have done so) for being the cause of religious incitement, and by far that’s sort of right, since there’s a minority of Muslims whose taking a big part of inciting against the “Crusaders”.


Wahhabism from Saudi Arabia hitting several nations

The Arab – Muslims whom are able to go to Europe and live there (aside of refugees and asylum seekers) can afford the living, where the biggest percentage comes from the GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Emirates). And the ideology that all of these countries share (except Oman and partially Kuwait) is Wahhabism or Salafism. This sect is considered to be the most fanatic, extremist, and inciting amongt all Muslim sects – consider them as the KKK or the Nazis of Islam. This ideology is also the root of many terrorist groups, such as Al-Qaeda (Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan..) ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Levant/ Syria and Iraq), Boko Haram (Nigeria), al Nusra Front (Jabhat al Nusra/ Syria), Ahrar al Sham (Syria), Jaysh al Islam (Syria), al Shabab(Somalia), Taliban (Afghanistan, Pakistan) etc…

One might think that abolishing ISIL, the most prominent terrorist group would save the world from terrorism, but no! Such an action wouldn’t do anything, because religious fanaticism is not bound by a group, it’s an idea, and ideas don’t die by bombs and bullets; ideas should be fought by ideas.

In their book, Global Terrorism and New Media, Philip Seib and Dana M. Janbek argue that terrorist groups are teaching younger generations (between 10 and 12 years old) their ideology through boot camps and schools that are in their area of control. This strategy elongates the group’s survival for a longer time. They would teach students how to be hate-filled fighters, as well as how much other sects and religious groups are “sinners and blasphemers”, most evidently the crusaders (Euro-Christians) and the Rawafids (Shiites Muslims, the second biggest sect in Islam). And among this, they would teach them that it’s okay to call them blasphemers and punish them for being from a different sect, where punishment varies from flogging to beheading and public execution.


These schools of thought are not solely found in areas of terrorist groups, but also in countries like Saudi Arabia. And they’re also expanding to European countries – under Saudi funding – such as France, Belgium, Germany, and Britain; since the mentioned countries have close relations with the Gulf state, as well as big Muslim communities.

When Europeans blame Muslims for this problem, they are partially correct, but they’re mistaken when they blame the refugees for causing the damage. Although some of the latter have took part in the battles in Syria, as many pictures show ex-fighters from extremist factions seeking refuge with the influx to Europe. But the problem is inside Europe itself, where it comes from these school and extremists Salafi-Wahhabi communities that are spreading fanaticism. Thus, they serve as a “shelter” and “sanctuary” for extremists coming from the MENA region and Asia, whether these countries are suffering from turmoil like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, or countries that serve as a holder for this thought like Saudi Arabia.


The only way to protect the EU, is to do what Tunisia has been recently doing by their campaign “tomorrow is better”, where they are re-educating inmates imprisoned for terrorist act by extracting the extremist thought from their heads and planting patriotic and moderate-religious ideology. As for the schools, the government is keeping an eagle’s eye on academic curricula, so that they would not contain topics of incitement and fanaticism.

If such procedures are made, alongside other educational and security ones, not only in  Europe but also in the countries that are being vastly effected by extremist thoughts like Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and others, we would gradually defeat extremist thoughts and potential terrorism, because it’s not fair nor right to blame millions of people for the acts of a few.

February 17, 2013

Bahrain: The Palestine of the Arab Gulf

by mkleit

For those of you who don’t know, this is Bahrain: (feel free to google for more information about the country)

Bahrain is located in the Middle East, it is the smallest Arab country but an influential one with its oil riches

Probably the title may seem as a political opinion, but it’s not. This would be far from a political analysis as much as it would be a humanitarian spread of information.

Bahrain has followed the stream of the so-called “Arab Spring”, though in my personal opinion, it is the only country that is having a true revolution, alongside the protests in Eastern provinces of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
The reason for that: Bahrain is only “Arab Spring” country that has minimal news coverage since the 14th of February 2011, the start of its revolution.

For me, it is because of the verity of its peaceful protest and their would be no use for “the higher powers” of a change in Bahrain’s current political system. But if you have checked the outcome of other “Arab Spring” revolution you might realize the following:

  1. Egypt is still in time of turmoil due to “unchanged” regime that has come to their newly formed political system.
  2. Yemen is drowning in political problems that keep on evolving day by day due to tribal collisions and deviation from the original demands of the revolution.
  3. Tunisia, the first spark of the revolutions, are not different from their Egyptian counterparts, where the type of regime is the same, and with the same results as well.
  4. Libya has entered a excruciating civil war that’s tearing the country apart, as well as the great loss in most of its resources after the NATO interference in removing former dictator Muamar Ghaddafi. Libya was concerned a country that could turn all of Africa into a huge green space due to its resources that varied from gold, oil, gas, and water.
  5. Syria is a complex issue. From my own point of view, the first protests were true and honest until it was infiltrated by several terrorist groups that tore several regions of country apart, especially within the opposition itself. The reformation that Syrian president Bashar Assad has done lessened the levels of violence, until the terrorist groups have took over the whole opposition. It’s not weird that you find several central commands for the Syrian opposition; most of them not related to each other, such as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Syrian National Council, Al-Nusra Front, etc… Media had a huge role in diverting public opinions to be extreme to both pro and anti-regime.

All that, Palestine is still outside the map and witnessed a severe aggression from the zionist entity in its land. To make this all brief and straight forward, “israel” is the only one that’s benefiting from the “Arab Spring”. From the North, there are Lebanon and Syria that are directly affected with the latter’s crisis.

Syria, part of the axis of opposition to “israel”, with Lebanon, Iran, and Palestine. The zionist entity also benefited from Egypt’s turmoil, since the Arab country has a huge weight in the Arab-israeli conflict, due to geopolitical reasons. While as the rest of the Arab countries, fall under colonial benefits for elite nations.


Bahrain’s revolution in Photo


But what about Bahrain? Why makes it special apart from all other Arab countries that witnessed revolutions? I’ll tell you why. Bahrain is the only country among the above mentioned that served a peaceful unarmed revolution, yet the regime faced the protests with apprehensions, detainment, preposterous legislation, and death.

Where was the media from all this? Mainstream media in the Arab Gulf is an allied nation by itself and follows the command of the Gulf kings. One Ommani friend once told me in a gathering of Journalists in Amman, Jordan: “You can only praise the king, army, allies, and religion in Arab mainstream media, but not criticize them, or else…”

Or else the king and his allies will either seize your acts, by diplomacy or force, and what’s even worse, diverting public opinion against you. Thus what is happening in the smallest Arab country. Search mainstream media during news broadcasts, only a small number of them would report the Bahraini revolution on a daily basis, those who have a political agenda with the people, such as Al-Alam TV (Iranian), al Manar TV (Lebanese, pro-Hezbollah), Press TV (Iranian), Addonnia (Syrian, pro-government), Itijah TV (Iraqi, Lebanese-based, pro-axis of opposition to “israel”), al-Akhbar newspaper (Lebanese, pro-axis of opposition to “israel”) and few more. On the other side, worldwide media outlets would only mention Bahrain if it’s a global matter such as the F1 competition, Arab Gulf League gathering, or some festival…

And to make things worse, Saudi and Bahraini officials have agreed to send Saudi forces to the Arab island to “preserve peace and harmony”. None of which is being achieved due to the continuous oppression on protesters.


Bahrain – Palestine, the wound is one


Why Palestine and Bahrain are sort of similar?

  1. Occupied by foreign forces; the only difference stands is that Palestine is occupied by a religiously-based extremist movement of no nationality, known as zionism, which has an ideology that Palestine and parts of the Arab world are their “promised land”. Bahrain is currently occupied by religiously-based extremist movement of a known nationality, known as Wahabism, which has an ideology of oppressing all what is not Wahabi, regardless if the oppressed was Muslim or not.
  2. International mainstream media ignores the situation of the oppressed and often leans towards the oppressor, that is if the whole situation was reported. While as local Arab media would report Palestine on a daily basis, but not giving it a priority, while as Bahrain is completely marginalized.
  3. Journalists in both countries are being censored or faced with harsh treatment while performing their job.
  4. The stereotype that both countries’ are being oppressed on a secular basis, Palestine because they are Muslims and Bahrain because they are Shiites. This is completely falsified, Palestine is a multicultural society, it has Muslims, Christians, Jews, communists, secularists, and so on. Bahrain’s revolution is based on the collaboration of Shiites with Sunnis, secularists, and communists all together.

I do believe there are several more reasons that correlate with the comparison. God save Bahrain and Palestine. The latter is the mother, and the first is its two-years old child.

February 8, 2013

شكري بلعيد… رجل الوطنية التونسية والقومية العربية

by mkleit

يديو يحتوي على عدة مشاهد من عدة مقابلات يتحدث فيها شهيد الموقف “شكري بلعيد” عن شيوخ الفتنة و دور الحكومة التونسية المتواطئة في تجنيد الإرهابيين إلى سورية خدمة للكيان الصهيوني و أمريكا .. و في إحدى الفقرات يتحدث الشهيد بلعيد عن 5000 إرهابي تم تجنيدهم في منطقة على حدود تونس لإرسالهم عبر تركيا إلى سورية

October 14, 2012

The Importance of Social Media in the Arab Spring (Lecture by Lawrence Pintak)

by mkleit

Hosted by the Middle East Studies Center, PSU.TV covered a lecture by Lawrence Pintak focused on the use of social media during and after the recent revolutions in the middle east. As part of a much larger segment that will highlight the Middle East Studies Center, including an interview with director Jim Grehan, PSU.TV will explore further the content of Dean Pintak’s lecture. Please be on the look out for upcoming segments.

Produced by Justin Brown

September 18, 2012

هل هناك فيلم أم ان العرب هم الفيلم؟

by mkleit

الياس خوري

حتى الآن لم ير احد الفيلم الذي اخرجه رجل مستعار الاسم قيل انه سام بازيل او سام باسيل، وهو اسرائيلي امريكي، ثم قيل ان باسيل هو منتج الفيلم اما مخرجه فيدعى آلان روبرتس، كما قيل ان مخرج الفيلم رجل آخر اسمه نيقولا باسيلي نيقولا. الاول مقاول والثاني نصاب ومختلس. اما عنوان الفيلم ‘براءة المسلمين’، فليس هو العنوان الاصلي، اذ قيل ان عنوانه كان ‘مقاتلو الصحراء’، وهو يدور قبل الفي سنة اي قبل ظهور الاسلام، وان اسم بطله خلال التصوير كان جورج، لكنه تحوّل في ‘التريلر’ الذي عرض على اليو- تيوب الى محمد.

الاصولي الصهيوني- المسيحي المتعصب تيري جونز، الذي اراد احراق القرآن هلل للفيلم، والمصري المعتوه موريس صادق، الذي يهلوس بفكرة طرد المسلمين الى الصحراء دعمه، والمحافظون الجدد من ايتام جورج دبليو بوش، رقصوا طربا له.

حكاية تلخص ابشع ما في العنصرية وفوبيا الاسلام واللاسامية الجديدة ضد العرب والمسلمين.

لكن السؤال هو هل هناك فيلم؟

قيل انه عرض مرة واحدة في كاليفورنيا لكن العرض توقف لأن الصالة كانت فارغة. عمليا لم ير احد الفيلم الذي هدد السيد نيقولا باسيلي نقولا، قبيل سوقه الى التحقيق، بأنه سيعرضه كاملا، وسيتحفنا بساعتين من البذاءة والهبل والسفالة!

تابعت اخبار هذا الفيلم اللعين في جميع الصحف الامريكية، فلم اعثر على خبر، بل عثرت على نتف تشبه النمائم، ولم اقرأ مقالا واحدا لناقد او صحافي شاهده.

هل نحن امام خدعة صنعها الاعلام الالكتروني، وحققت هدفها، بأن تحولت طبلا رقص على ضرباته الوف المتظاهرين في دول الربيع العربي الاربع: مصر وليبيا وتونس واليمن، اضافة الى السودان وتسبب في فوضى دموية اودت بالسفير الامريكي في ليبيا وببعض المتظاهرين.

وحين تسأل ماذا يجري لا يجيبك سوى الصراخ والدعوة الى الثأر للكرامة، واحراق القنصليات والمدارس والاعلام. كأننا امام جنون جماعي منظم اُفلت من عقاله، حيث احتل السلفيون المشهد مهددين متوعدين السلطات الاسلامية في بلادهم؟

ما هذا؟

قبل الغضب والهياج الجماهيري كان يجب ان نسأل هل هناك فيلم ومن صنعه؟ أم ان من نظّم وقاد هذه الاحتجاجات كان يبحث عن حجة كي ينزل الى الشارع ويقتل ويدّمر. اميل الى الاعتقاد ان الفيلم الحقيقي كان في الشوارع، اما ‘التريلر’ الذي لا تزيد مدته عن اربع عشرة دقيقة فكان الحجة.

دعوني اطرح بعض الأسئلة:

اولا، ألا يجدر بنا ان نقرأ الفيلم في سياق الحملة الانتخابية الامريكية، حيث يكشّر اليمين المحافظ والصهيوني عن انيابه بهدف اسقاط باراك اوباما وايصال رومني الى الرئاسة. ان من يتابع حملة التجييش الاعلامية والاعلانية في الولايات المتحدة يعلم ان باراك اوباما يُشتم لسببين، الاول بوصفه ابن رجل مسلم يدعى حسين، والثاني لأنه لا يستأنس بغطرسة نتنياهو وعنجهيته، فرئيس الحكومة الاسرائيلية يعتقد انه يستطيع جر امريكا الى الحرب مع ايران. الا يمكن ان نرى في هذه الضجة الدموية احدى الوسائل للبرهنة على انه في 11 ايلول/ سبتمبر 2012 جرت مذبحة جديدة ضد الامريكيين، قام بها مسلمون في عهد رئيس يدعون انه مسلم.

انا لست هنا في معرض الدفاع عن ادارة اوباما التي اثبتت عجزها و/او عدم رغبتها في التخلي عن دعمها الاعمى للاحتلال الاسرائيلي، ولكن ما وصفته هو حقيقة الاشياء كما تبدو في سياق الحملة الرئاسية الامريكية.

ثانيا، الا يحق لنا ان نتساءل لماذا انفجرت المظاهرات في مصر وليس في اي مكان آخر. فالاحتجاجات الصاخبة ضد الرسوم الكاريكاتورية الدنماركية المسيئة للرسول العربي، بدأت في السعودية قبل ان تنتشر في العالمين العربي والاسلامي؟ ثم لماذا اقتصرت الاحتجاجات على دول الربيع العربي دون غيرها؟ هل يعود السبب كما قيل الى المناخ الديمقراطي الذي اطلقته الثورات؟ أم ان العكس صحيح، فالاحتقان الديني يشكل متنفسا للشعوب التي ترزح تحت نير الاستبداد، وبالتالي يكون من المنطقي ان تنفجر مظاهرات الغضب فيها، مثلما حصل دائما؟

ثالثا، هل صحيح ان المظاهرات كانت عفوية؟ لا شك انه يمكن الاستنتاج بأن اصابع تنظيم ‘القاعدة’ لعبت دوراً كبيرا في اغتيال السفير الامريكي في ليبيا، لكن من انزل جحافل الاصوليين الى الشوارع؟ هل نزلوا بشكل عفوي تعبيرا عن مشاعرهم، ام هناك قيادة قررت هزّ العصا في وجه الاخوان والنهضة، من اجل ان تُحدث تعديلا في ميزان القوى السياسي الذي اسفرت عنه الانتخابات؟

رابعا، هل استغل السلفيون الفيلم من اجل التحرك داخليا ولفرض وجودهم على الأرض، ام هناك ايضا اجندة لدى بعض مموليهم تتمنى فوز رومني، لأنها تعتبر ان ضرب ايران هو اولويتها المطلقة؟

خامسا، لنفترض ان الافتراضات السابقة كلها خاطئة، فلماذا اتخذ التحرك ضد ‘تريلر’ تافه وسفيه ولم يره احد تقريبا، هذا الشكل الدموي الاعلامي؟

هل يكفي ان يعزف مهوس عنصري على زماره حتى يرقص على ايقاعه الراقصون؟ اين العقل؟ وما هذه الشعارات الخرساء التي لا تقول شيئا؟ هل يعتقدون ان التعامل مع الدول يكون بتحميلها مسؤولية عمل مشين قامت به عصابة وسوف تكشف الأيام انه لم يكن فيلما، بل كان استفزازا رخيصا وصل اصحابه الى مبتغياتهم، بل الى اكثر من ذلك: تصوير العرب كغوغاء، وتشويه ثوراتهم الديمقراطية والاستنتاج بأن الدولة الصهيونية العنصرية هي الديمقراطية الوحيدة في المنطقة.

هل هذا ما ارادوه، ام هــــم يتــــبعون مشاريع لا يفقــــهون منــــها شيئا، وتهدف في النـــهاية الى تحويل البلاد العربية الى مزبلة؟

وغدا سوف تثبت الأيام ان الفيلم الوحيد الذي هدف هـــذا ‘التريلر’ الى الاعلان عنه، هو الفيلم الذي رأيناه في الشوارع العربية.

لا يوجد فيلم حقيقي غير هذا الفيلم المثير للأسى والسخرية.

وهذا يعيدنا الى كلام المتنبي الذي وصف حال الأجداد بكلام لا يزال للأسف صالحا لوصف حال الأحفاد:

‘أغايةُ الدينِ ان تَحفو شواربكم

يا أمةً ضحكت من جهلِها الأممُ

القدس العربي

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