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October 1, 2011

A Rush of Ethics to the Head

by mkleit

According to Wikipedia: “A taboo is a strong social prohibition (or ban) relating to any area of human activity or social custom that is sacred and forbidden based on moral judgment and religious beliefs. Breaking the taboo is usually considered objectionable or abhorrent by society. The term comes from the Tongan word tabu, meaning set apart or forbidden”

"The Tears We Shed on Sins are More Valuable Than the World's Jewels" St. John

In a simpler sense, it’s something totally wrong to be talked about or done at the first place. As we reach a even more “modern” global civilization, taboo subjects are gradually decreasing in number due to the “openness-revolution” the human race is lately witnessing.

In common sense, modernity refers to reconstruction of the recent past, having a new start, innovate, and re-interpret origins. Thus, as Marshall McLuhan places it, a “global village” is a place where modernity is the way of life and taboo subjects being taboo is a taboo by itself.

Why do people strive so hard to break taboos? egoism? satisfaction? some hidden revolution? or are taboos just bluffs so we won’t think of some certain conspiracy revolving around it?
Actually, taboos are placed taboos for the reasons placed at first: moral judgments and religious beliefs. both terms are interconnected. As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said before his death:”and  I came for the completion in teaching of morals and ethics”
Ethics are guidelines for life, regardless of religious belief, they’re supreme values.

This seems too out of the ordinary, I’ll be frank… Consider yourself, 40 years old, waking up at the middle of the night and walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water and suddenly finding your 13 years old son watching a pornographic movie for Audrey Bitoni, Shyla Styles, or any other porn “star”, or hearing your daughter cursing her God to a person of another religion just because that someone has a bad hair day or bumped into her because of a numb foot.

Most people, especially a large number of youth, would want to break taboo subject so they would be “free”. The first amendment of freedom is responsibility. Imagine an entire society of totally free people;
Scene I: Guys walks inside a café and finds another guy sitting in his usual place, a gun is exposed and BOOM… simply because he’s free
Scene II: Person breaking and entering his neighbor’s house and taking the new plasma TV set so he could watch the game at night.
Scene III: Guy catching a girl on the side of road and rapping her to death so he would fill his need for a sexual relationship… because he’s free

Let’s face it, we’re not free, never will we be… as one friend once told me:” We’re living in our own world and that world is bound by others worlds” so is freedom, its jurisdictions are others.

Lately, the Lebanese show called “Red in Bold” has been exposing taboo subjects such as homosexuality and religion related issues. The show handled a great deal of criticism from religious outposts, especially the Christian religious leadership in Lebanon, the Patriarch.
And not long before, there was a small discussion panel in Hamra, Beirut concerning censorship and self-censorship. What was most intriguing about the panel is the 3rd debater who exposed her former problem with the religious and government officials. The lady was known in screening taboo movie, prohibited worldwide, thus received harsh critique from both sides, her complain was:” why are they so narrow-minded? why won’t they let the people be? They always run after saying taboo subjects are not allowed to be talked about, but I say I will talk about it, I see no sense in that!”
Well, from an honest critique, after what I’ve heard, the whole story was a load of senseless pleads. The lady director has shown many prohibited movies, that’s a fact. She showed movies related to pornography, religion, and anti-religion films, that’s a fact. An example for one the movies was an Italian directed one that talks about two jews being in the Roman Empire and imprisoned for the religious beliefs by “the Christians” as she said. They tortured them for 3 constant years so they would turn into Christians.

While I was at the panel, as a person of another faith, a person who only believes in God and ethics and not religion as title, I was offended by the words said and movie showed. No doubt that the Vatican banned that movie and so it was also banned by religious leaders in Iran for the reason it was talked about a taboo subject. Why so? such a movie would clearly bring out fanatic reactions in Christian societies. You don’t need a reference or evidence in such matters, go to any society on Earth, realize the religious belief, mock it, and you’ll  have bullets racing through your body at 100 km/h.

Taboos are originally based to prevent fights, wars, and global conflicts. So leave the whole revolution nonsense aside, I’m not saying believe in God, but have ethics and morals to guide you. Have respect to others and you’ll get the good outcome… “What goes around comes around”, keep that in mind, you may say it never happens, but I know one thing for sure, that quote knows no specific time, but it knows how to return a favor.

August 29, 2011

We’re Bound by… Ourselves

by mkleit

After cliche, innovation has been lost. Even if the achievement of novelty has been made, but we become so proud of what we’ve accomplished that we kill the victory by re-usage and over-usage, to overload the value of creation and thus it would lose its remarkableness.

One friend of mine triggered my thoughts to this notion when he asked an open question on one social networking site: “why do people always use “memories” in naming their photo albums!! i realy dont get it!”

Mainly all replies revolved around one single idea of same synonyms: nostalgia, remembering, and past.
I on the other hand tried to give another point of view, my photography albums revolve about memories, but I tried to give a different approach, as much as I tried hard, I was never able to get out of the realm of “memories and its synonyms”.

We turn and turn, it's one route, the same start and end

I replied simply by: “Because it’s catching a moment in time to keep in memory… so it’s mainly a cliche” … so mainly it IS cliches that we follow,

we try to give it a little personal touch, yet the general view stays out of innovation.

But in my, and others, defense, I believe that we have reached a moment were nothing is new, whether it’s in words, technology, photos, or anything…

A few examples on the previous statement, listen to Social Distortion’s Don’t Drag Me Down and Busted’s Dawson’s Geek [Links at the end], the intros are the same… and this following one is of personal involvement, just ask yewrself how many times have yew seen or heard the same part of a movie in three or four others, other than the whole theme of it… I’m not underestimating the professionalism of the directors, but the standardization movement is unmistakable.

More over, cliches are becoming essential in our daily lifestyle, one important type of cliches is references and researches; just take the entire text, rephrase it to suite yewr needs, and then publish it. Surely references and credit to the original author is mandatory, it’s not a duty as much as it involves ethics and respect.

As for cliches, they are preferably avoided, but in reality its far from being done. They are a simpler way to make people understand because we’re bound by our own cliches.

As for this article, I didn’t place a reference, this is a brief personal analysis of an incident that really stimulate the whole notion of cliches and innovation.

Mhamad Kleit

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