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September 29, 2014

The Double Standards Game: KKK and ISIS

by mkleit

Several countries have formed an alliance to attack fanatic groups in Syria and Iraq, for the purpose of eradicating the rising terrorism in the two countries after they have executed American and British citizens, regardless of the huge death toll and blood on these groups’ hands after executing and mass murdering thousands of civilians of different ethnicities and beliefs.

One would think that this is the normal conspiracy theory, yet there are certain facts that no one can deny their existence. Such facts in the global political system, especially the Western one, have created “Islamophobia” due to the double standards when dealing with extremism, fanaticism, and terrorism.

Global political systems rely on certain standards when dealing internal and foreign affairs, but with progression, global communities have witnessed their regimes using double standards with several matters. The subject here is the dealing of Western communities with fanatic groups, with the examples of ISIS (so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) and KKK (Klu Klux Klan).

KKK is an extremist right-wing group that was formed in 1866 in the USA, it extended to most of the southern states in 1870 to form a white resistance against the existence of other races and ethnicities in America; they used the term “purification of America”. They made use of Christianity to spread their hatred towards “the other”, and their extremism led to the death and execution of several innocent citizens. Nevertheless, most Christian churches denounced their acts, yet they are still an active member of the American community with full rights, because they are “free to express their beliefs and opinions”.

ISIS is extremist armed group that’s linked to terrorist group “al Qaeda” before becoming independent in 2013 during its invasion of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq. It’s led by Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi, whom some reports, some from Whistleblower Edward Snowden, have shown his links to israeli Mossad organisation (Same issue discovered on al Qaeda’s former leader Osama Bin Laden when linked to American CIA). The group has shown it’s ruthlessness and the human ability to be heartless and inhumane when ISIS executed and decapitated thousands of innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq; the reason: disagreeing with them (regardless of beliefs, political views, ethnicity, or race). Most Islamic scholars, sheikhs, and clerics have denounced ISIS’ actions and said that the group is not even close to Islamism.

KKK and ISIS are of the same mentality

KKK and ISIS are of the same mentality

Yet, in global standards, ISIS is an “Islamic group and linked to the faith” unlike KKK. The reason, in my view, behind this global campaign against ISIS NOW is to create an excuse so that global powers could enter the world’s richest oil and gas fields, as well as the most strategic areas in the world: The Middle East, the gate between East and West. The same issue that happened in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq before, which is the False Flag operation that led to Western intervention in the three countries with the excuse of fighting terrorism. The result was more terrorism and religious fanaticism in the area that’s controlled by turmoil and turbulence.

There are three reasons for the existence of ISIS and such groups in the Middle East:

  1. The first one is mentioned indirectly in the previous paragraph, where ISIS is “an excuse” for Western powers to enter oil and gas fields in the Middle East and place control like they’ve done before in several countries.
  2. The existence of ISIS is separating the area slowly into fanatic sectarian cantones, thus this grants indirect acknowledgement in the existence of the major terrorist entity: israel
  3. Islam is a super power that Arabs’ especially have not been aware of recently. It is the only religion on Earth that could unite millions in one place and under one belief and for one leader. Even Nazi leader Adolf Hitler admired the power of Islam and has compared the unity of his army to fight for greater Germania as the fight of Muslims to their religion and their dedication to that, when he said that “Muslims are closer to us than, for example, France”. Thus the existence of ISIS is to de-power this area and create several smaller powers driven by sectarian hatred and political divisions, thus making it easier to control by the other major powers.
Snowden exposes al Baghdadi

Snowden exposes al Baghdadi

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