Why Ma’loula? Why now?

by mkleit

Recently, Syrian rebels and militants have launched an attack on Ma’loula, one of the oldest Christian cities in the world, located in the countryside of Damascus.

To state a few facts:

  1. Syrian rebels and militants are extremists fighters, waging a war against the Syrian government and its allies and who favors it, under the name of Islam.
  2. Syrian rebels have placed several stories on Ma’loula, one of them is that they’re saving Christians and have not touched them nor their spiritual places. Another is that they are doing an eradication campaign to spread the ONLY the message of “islam” (Though is Islam was built on fraternity and tolerance [mentioned in the Qur’an as well])
  3. This split between rebels and militants is obvious due to a series of clashes between several revolutionary organizations with each other, such as The Free Syrian Army (FSA), al Nusra Front (branch of al Qaeda), Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS, another branch of al Qaeda), and other military organizations.

In general, the attack on non-Islamic, specifically non Sunni shrines and spiritual places (with all do respect to my Sunni brothers and sisters who refuse the acts of the mentioned military organizations), is nothing new to the rebels and militants, since they have destroyed many shrines for holy Prophets (like Ibrahim (p)) and their companions like Hijr bin Adey (حجر بن عدي)…

Another issue is that they have used mosques and some churches for refuge and barracks. In Islam, any mosque that is used in favor of evil (spreading hatred and fitna [disorder], keeping arms, killing, and so on) should be destroyed, or simply not prayed in, because the aim of usage is not for Allah.

The wide spread of these two issues in Syria aims for a single notion: The eradication of holy religions in the Middle East.
Reason for that: The next generations will not recognize heavenly religions if what symbolizes them from books, documents, monuments, and practices are being altered, diverted, burnt, and distorted.

I do believe there should be a regime change in Syria, I’ve never approved dictatorship in a presidential position; yet the alternative is not acceptable at all.


Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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