Mne2bal aw Ma Mne2bal?

by mkleit

Probably censorship in Lebanon would be one of the most controversial issues lately… Some art works are actually harmful and would be placed under the umbrella of treason and disruption of national security… but others that are simply artistic and reflect the status quo of the Lebanese society are being banned, stopped, and pulled out of the market… Dear Asma el Achhab had something to say about this:


If we go a bit back to 1998, not that it’s a hard task, but back to the year West Beyrouth was screened, and where its Lebanese director, Ziad Doueiri, made a fragmented representation of a divided city that spoke about itself through the eyes of three adolescents examining a city they’ve strolled and were forced to leave. Things went quite smoothly back then, the movie did not threaten national security, probably reinforced national unity, and was hence given a “permit”.


In 2013, things proved quite different to Doueiri. In his latest film, The Attack, he chose to direct a film that does not emphasize Lebanese sectarianism, political discourse or war, yet still it involved all those three in another country, Palestine. Now, I understand that the strife in Palestine is still present, and that the movie proved to be quite controversial, but we ended up not seeing…

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