Why Remove Assad if the Majority Wants him?

by mkleit

posted by clearsteam June 16, 2013


The proxy war being fought on Syrian Territory by “FSA rebels”

#Cantmossadtheassad part2


According to this report, the Al-Quaeda affiliated Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra is recruiting Syrian revolutionaries into its ranks at an alarming rate.

The populations of towns under FSA (Free Syrian Army) control originally welcomed the foreign fighters, as they were less corrupt than their Syrian counterparts who had systematically looted any infrastructure; whole factories with new machinery, exported piece by piece over the border to Turkey to be sold as scrap metal, allegedly to pay for more weapons and ammunition.

Syrian support for Assad stood at 55% yet this was not reported by any western media back in January with the exception of The Guardian UK which hid it within the Comment is free section.

A picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) showing supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad take part in a pro-regime rally in Damascus (October 2011)

A picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) showing supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad take part in a pro-regime rally in Damascus (October 2011)

Popular opinion has changed markedly since then as the realities of sharia style rule have begun to have an impact. Most notable was the execution of a fourteen year old boy for being blasphemous by Jihadists affiliated with the FSA, FSA fighters basically, though you would never believe it from this BBC report, which is intentionally trying to mislead western minds who find it hard to differentiate between the different factions…

so if the FSA condemns the killing, they must have been Assad’s troops that did it right? Entirely wrong, this killing was done by fighters  in support of the FSA using FSA supplies if not uniforms.

Putin described it best inside Ten Downing street today with an unimpressed David Cameron:

Do you want to supply arms to those who kill their enemies and eat their organs, this has nothing to do with the humanitarianism you profess

As people we have proven ourselves extremely easily lead into fear and hate, and our divisions exploited for profit. The Sunni/Shia divide is an exceptionally easy one to provoke, oddly causing Hamas Palestinians to be in support of Israeli actions against Assad’s Alawite, Christian, secular and Shia army, merely because they are  predominantly Shia, and so the circle of sectarian violence continues and spins as eye for an eye philosophy continues to make the world blind and poor.

So, if Assad is supported by a larger percentage of people than would vote for your own president or prime minister, why is the sectarian violence being provoked? Superficially you could say that they were a threat to Israel, part of the axis that supports Iran, banking reasons etc,.

According to this startling interview with General Wesley Clark in 2007, this has been planned out for years, however oil discoveries and pipelines have brought this situation to a head.




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