President Obama: Stop drone attacks in Yemen

by mkleit

US drone firing at targets in Yemen, most deaths are civilians


USA drone attacks kill children and innocent civilians in Yemen in the name of “war against terrorisim”. This is illigal and against all international and humanitarian laws. People of the world, please sign this petition to stop this crime.

International Criminal Court 
International court of justic 
President Obama, President of the UAS 
US embassy in Yemen 
US embassy in yemen- Public Affairs, Public Affairs 
American Embassy in Yemen 
Stop drone attacks in Yemen 
USA have -for several years now- launched a “so called war on terrorism” by using drone strikes in Yemen that is resulting in illegal targeted killings and murdering of innocent Yemeni citizens without court trail in any international court of law on sovereign nations. USA should be made accountable, charged of crimes against humanity, people involved sentenced & victims compensated immediately. We need to stop these strikes on innocent children and people of Yemen. 




 Names of children killed by the US drone attaks so far in Yemen
  1. Petition Organizer

    Afrah Ali Mohammed Nasser | 9 | female 
    Zayda Ali Mohammed Nasser | 7 | female 
    Hoda Ali Mohammed Nasser | 5 | female 
    Sheikha Ali Mohammed Nasser | 4 | female 
    Ibrahim Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 13 | male 
    Asmaa Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 9 | male 
    Salma Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 4 | female 
    Fatima Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 3 | female 
    hadije Ali Mokbel Louqye | 1 | female 
    Hanaa Ali Mokbel Louqye | 6 | female 
    Mohammed Ali Mokbel Salem Louqye | 4 | male 
    Jawass Mokbel Salem Louqye | 15 | female 
    Maryam Hussein Abdullah Awad | 2 | female 
    Shafiq Hussein Abdullah Awad | 1 | female 
    Sheikha Nasser Mahdi Ahmad Bouh | 3 | female 
    Maha Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 12 | male 
    Soumaya Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 9 | female 
    Shafika Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 4 | female 
    Shafiq Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 2 | male 
    Mabrook Mouqbal Al Qadari | 13 | male 
    Daolah Nasser 10 years | 10 | female 
    AbedalGhani Mohammed Mabkhout | 12 | male 
    AbdelRahman Anwar al Awlaki | 16 | male



    Estimated deaths from drone strikes in Yemen since 2002 until 2012; number increasing due to “war on terror”

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