New Media Experience

by mkleit

May Chidiac Foundation – Media Institute Source:


Throughout my journalism experience, I have been part of many barcamps, trainings, workshops, and seminars that revolve around the topic of journalism, and media in general, I even gave workshops and lectures of my own to NGOs about the basics and beneficial usage of Social Media.

At the May Chidiac Foundation – Media Institute (MCFMI), a full month of Social Media training for journalism, fundamentals of multimedia, and online journalism trainings were at their peak to transfer the instructor’s knowledge to us students.

But here’s the catch; it wasn’t about actually learning three journalism-related courses in a a short time period. It was about recognizing the importance of the techniques and applying them on the spot.

Specifically in the Social Media for Journalism training, I have personally added knowledge to my previously attained information in the realm of digital media/storytelling. To be honest, it’s not about how many many friends/followers/contacts one has on any social media platform, it’s about how to inform and influence people with your own thoughts and ideology.

I’ve actually seen a passionate instructor, Mr. Roland Abi Najem, that has actually pointed out several issues that I have not noticed in social media, and I have had my modest experience in giving social media trainings. Some of the matters were to stress on visuals while sharing a thought or updating a “status”, keep an eye out for security and type of info shared, etc…

And on professional level, if I had another chance in teaching digital media, Roland has inspired me to give a new method and grant new material for my students.

The MCFMI experience wasn’t something forgettable, it has truly stressed on several issues that would’ve taken me a lot of time to, at least, practice.


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