Born free, post free…

by mkleit

In essence of “Internet Freedom Day”; journalist and blogger, David Zoaiter discusses Internet freedom and regulatory actions towards it.


Lebanon, maybe not the most politically stable or democratic country on earth, but the only privilege of democracy that the common Lebanese citizen has is the freedom of speech and expression. When most nations have laws preventing the common man to express his opinion freely when directed to the government or what the government in that country calls “national security” in Lebanon the public has always been free to speak their mind and have acted upon this right. This has been the backbone of Lebanon, governments have fallen and new ones have been formed due to the exercised freedom of the public, when and whether they chose to use it or not.

From the 70’s towards the new millennia, the internet has pushed people to a whole new world of communication. News could spread faster and is accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time. This information revolution became the frontline…

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Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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