The Green and Red Boxes of Reality

by mkleit

From: True Activist


To start with there is the green box (our accepted reality). That box represents everything you think you know about the world, the facts you have been fed, the story you have been told. It is the perspective of the conditioned mind. Most people will live out their entire lives within this green box, and truly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it has purpose. This Box is Green because it is safe and it is accepted. An analogy which describes this green box very well is that it something ‘like’ the Matrix. In fact most people don’t realise that this box exists, another name for this box is the perception/experience of limitation.


Next we have a Red Box, this is Red for several reasons.
This box is probably the most interesting of all boxes in the path of truth-seeking.
Firstly it is forbidden, its content is not taught at school or in church, it is not in our history books or in common media, it is not the topic of public discussion, its views are therefore generally not accepted and hence it is not within the Gree

n Box. Its a bit like the Red Pill, it exposes almost everything in the Green Box as lies and deception.
It contains many answers and explanations (who’s & why’s) to so many of the injustices we see in the Green Box which we normally accept as unexplained (shit happens). When people want to understand why exactly does shit happen, they eventually end up in the Red Box looking for the answers. This Red Box contains basically all the Conspiracy Theories and much more.

This outside reality uncovers a completely new (possibly shocking) world to a lot of people, yet the box has so many purposes. Firstly its purpose is to keep people in the Green Box.

It does this in a few different ways. Firstly, those who leave the Green Box and enter the Red Box are shocked, so much indeed that they return to the Green Box in disbelief, then accept the Green Box, it is what it is, and when something can’t be explained, they change the topic and live in ignorance, they accept what is, and make the best of it.

The second way it attempts to send people back into the Green Box is when someone returns from the Red Box and tells other people in the Green Box, they get ridiculed which will be rather unpleasant, they may also be met with anger depending on the topic, and so with this unpleasantness that person does one of two things, they either accept the common views of the people in the Green Box, doubt themselves, feel really stupid, accept their foolishness at being so gullible and stay in the Green Box.

Alternatively they stay in the Red Box and make either compromises with whom they talk to in future (keep to themselves, keep opinions to themselves), and become somewhat of an ‘outsider’ a fringe member of society or they become very vocal and create conflict. This is where it can become interesting, the people in the Red Box will try to change the people in the Green Box, they get very passionate, angry, activism sets in and they will dig for facts and evidence to ‘convince’ the people in the Green Box and so on..

A significant observation that is made in the Red Box is that apart from exposing the lies and injustice of what is occurring in the Green Box it also contains a good portion of lies and deception itself (by design) which in the end discredits many of the truths, this also discourages people to enter or remain in the Red Box. The Red Box is often labeled as fear spreaders or plain crazy, by those in the Green Box. The Red Box refer to themselves as ‘truthers’. The Green Box refer to themselves as ‘normal’. Those in the Green Box are also labeled by the Red Box, often called ‘sheep’, ‘sheople’, ‘asleep’ and are often described as “living in a box”.

By far the most active front for searching for higher truth happens in this Red Box, it is a melting pot of emotions and debate. The Red Box will battle with the Green Box with theories & evidence, however the battle is never won and it is predominately only that, a battle, and not a solution.

The more the Red Box is explored, the more bleak the outlook appears, the more powerless one feels and emotions of desperation, anger, sadness & depression dominate. Some people surrender to the new conditions of the Red Box and accept that this the new ‘true’ limitations of reality.
For others, something really profound happens, the discover that they are actually not only outside the Green Box, but actually inside another box! There remains a higher truth to explore.

This second revelation is reached due to the discovery that the Red Box doesn’t actually supply any solutions it only highlights the problems, so it is not particularly constructive and appears mostly to provide conflict of ideas and beliefs between the Green Box and Red Box, who is right, who is wrong, etc… Once stepping out past the Red Box one discovers that both the Green Box and Red Box are two halves in this reality, they are ying and yang, they are what could be refereed to as duality, opposing forces.

The opposing forces are both the boxes themselves or their views, but also within each, the forces or what is commonly perceived as good or evil,
for example many in the Red Box act out of good intention, by trying to stop evil by unmasking it, however the tools and methods used which are considered to work, such as the fear emotion actually serve evil, and once seeing it from a higher perspective these methods do a great deal more harm than good, hence the negative emotions and energy within the Red Box. Likewise the Green Box who mostly practice <hear no evil, see no evil & say no evil> are infact allowing evil to flourish through their inactions, BUT, the people themselves are actually quite often positive, happy and kind, despite this. These emotions serve a great good.

In conclusion to the Red Box, it may seem negative, however many people have great difficulty in letting go of the Green Box unless they have the Red Box experience.

Teachers that can give a good starting point to the content in the Red Box are: Alex Jones, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock & Chrisropher Evererard


Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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