A synopsis of The Israel Lobby: The Great Benefactor

by mkleit

shared as it is from: Exposing the Truth

“Tell Congress: Spend our money at home, not on the israeli military” stop$30billion.org Los Angeles campaign


This chapter serves to provide substantiation of the authors’ assertions that not only does Isra

el receive more foreign and military aid from the US than any other country in the world, yet that the amount of financial support, along with the conditions and concessions that are packaged up with our monetary gifts, make for quite an inordinate presentation of support in relation to other countries, most particularly in consideration of other countries’ proportional needs for our support.

While the US was supportive of the UN creation of the state of Israel, we also realized that providing overt financial aid of the state’s placement upon Arab lands would be treading on the thin ice created by the murky waters of the Cold War, as Russia and America both realized the importance of cultivating allies in the area.

Accordingly, US economic aid was initially reluctant, and surprisingly enough, John Foster Dulles ¹, of all people, then Secretary of State(and concurrently, killer of children, and conqueror of countries), threatened to rescind our agreement for aid to Israel, if Israel continued its offensive of aggression in the attempted land grab they launched against Egypt that was the Suez Canal War.
Israel agreed to the US’ demands that they stop trying to steal other people’s land and move back behind the established borders of their country, but, as we can now observe to be their usual fashion, Israel never truly lived up to their agreement, and so started their dance of manipulating the US, a dance in which we invariably let them take the lead.

1967 brought the Six Day War, with Israel attacking Egypt, Syria, and Jordan simultaneously. There had been tension in the area, as Russia fed Egypt false intelligence that Israel was going to attack Syria, prompting Egypt to mass its troops on Israel’s border, and exacerbating a dispute over whether Egypt and Syria were able to regulate passage in the Straits of Tiran.

Israel said it had a legal claim to be able to operate in the waters, but when Egypt offered to take the case to the international Court of Justice, Israel flatly refused. It seems like they must not have had much of a case as they said they did, or they would’ve welcomed the offer of taking it to court, and it is no surprise that Israel turned out to be lying once again.
Egypt declared the waters closed to any Israeli ships, and unable to prove its case in court, Israel did what they do even better than lying, and started bombing everybody instead, and taking their land.

Apparently, America liked their “go-getter” attitude in attacking Arab lands, and illegally occupying them, as foreign and military aid increased rapidly after the Six Day War, peaking in 1976, when Israel topped the list of US foreign aid recipients, and they have been at the top of list ever since. They are currently receiving $3 billion a year in foreign aid from the US, which is but 2% of their GDP.

This breaks down to about $500 per Israeli citizen, while much more impoverished countries, with people literally starving, are receiving much less per person in foreign aid from the US, while Israel was ranked as the 17th largest economy out of 187 countries in 2011 by the UN.

The authors’ state that, ‘In 1997, for example, Mitchell Bard, the former editor of AIPAC’s Near East Report, and Daniel Pipes, the hawkish founder of the pro-Israel Middle East Forum, wrote that “Israel has become an affluent country with a personal income rivaling Great Britain’s, so the American willingness to provide aid to Israel is no longer based purely on need.”,

and that, ‘Representative Lee Hamilton said in 1991 that Israel is one of three countries whose aid “substantially exceeds the popularly quoted figures” and said that the figure was closer to $4.3 billion.’ Regardless, as the official figures are stated, as of 2005, Israel had received $154 billion(in 2005 dollars) from the US since its creation, as well as other additional material support. It’s not quite $16 trillion, but that would certainly go a long way towards paying off our deficit, in my opinion…

You would think that anyone would be happy with this kind of arrangement, but Israel is a beggar who demands to be a chooser as well, eventually persuading the US to be the only country to be allowed to receive its aid in one lump sum payment, thereby giving them the ability to earn interest on the money, whereas no other country is given that opportunity.

Because the U.S. government normally runs budget deficits, transferring the aid all at once requires it to borrow the necessary amount of money up front, and the Congressional Research Service estimates that it costs the US “between $50 and $60 million per year to borrow funds for the early, lump-sum payment.”

The authors’ point out that, ‘according to the U.S. embassy in Israel, early transfer of FMF funds has enabled Israel to earn some $660 million in extra interest as of 2004. Israel has also received “excess defense articles(surplus U.S. military equipment provided to friendly nations either free of charge or heavily discounted) beyond the normal limits imposed by the 1976 Arms Export Control Act.’

Israel has also manipulated the US into conceding to provide Israel with “loans” instead of grants, because grants come with pesky oversight committees that Israel would, quite frankly, rather not be bothered with. Israel never pays the “loan” back, and presto!, they have coerced us into giving them a grant with no oversight, which is another exclusive privilege for Israel.

This, of course, means that our money can be used to fund Israel’s efforts to build settlements in the illegally occupied territories of Palestine, or any other number of ventures that the US would not approve of, if we had oversight, as the current line from Washington is that they overwhelmingly support Israel, but do not openly support their building of settlements in what they term to be illegally occupied territories. At least that’s what they say on the record, wink, nudge, while they give Israel $3 billion a year to buy tanks, and fighter jets, and bombs.

The continued list of exclusive privileges that the US accepts the imposition of, is that Israel is not resigned to investing all of the proceeds provided for their military funding in the US. The authors’ emphasize that, ‘The FMF program normally requires recipients of U.S. military assistance to spend all of the money here in the United States, to help keep American defense workers employed.                                                                                                                 

Congress grants Israel a special exemption in the annual appropriations bill, however, authorizing it to use about one out of every four U.S. military aid dollars to subsidize its own defense industry. “No other recipient of U.S. military assistance has been granted this benefit,” notes a recent CRS report, and “the proceeds to Israeli defense firms from purchases with U.S. funds have allowed the Israeli defense industry to achieve necessary economies of scale and become highly sophisticated.” By 2004, in fact, Israel, a comparatively small country, had become the world’s eighth largest arms supplier.’

The authors also assert, regarding joint military tehcnology resarch and development projects(above and beyond our established aid), that, ‘The United States has also provided Israel with nearly $3 billion to develop weapons like the Lavi aircraft, the Merkava tank, and the Arrow missile.

These projects were funded through the U.S. Department of Defense and often portrayed as joint research and development efforts, but the United States did not need these weapons and never intended to purchase them for its own use. The money that Washington pays to help Israel’s defense industry develop or produce these “joint weapons projects” is in reality another form of subsidy. The United States sometimes benefits from the technology that Israeli firms develop, but America would benefit even more if these funds were used to support high-tech industries in the United States.’

The list keeps growing, as another exemption from US foreign aid policy is that Israel can also accept contracts for military spending for less than $500,000 without any oversight from the US. This financial loophole was utilized in the 1990s by Brigadier General Rami Dotan, the director of Israeli Air Force procurement at the time, to divert and embezzle literally millions of dollars of US foreign aid money. It must be nice to have your own personal US of ATM machine, well, at least until you get caught, that is…

As if all that weren’t enough, every time Israel goes and invades another country to steal their lands, we then have another round of what are called “peace treaty talks”, but should be more appropriately termed, “stop Israel from invading talks.” At these talks, Israel bullies everyone at the table, and holds the negotiations hostage for the ransom of expanding both the amount of aid that they receive from the US, as well as additional exemptions from US foreign aid policy.

That’s a great little scam they’ve got going, once again manipulating the US, in this case, into allowing Israel to establish a pattern of being rewarded for punishable behavior, but of course, Israel remains the perpetual petulant child, and why wouldn’t they, when we consistently cave in to their demands?

The last exclusive privilege that I will highlight in exposing merely the tip of the iceberg of Israel’s exemptions from US policy, is that Prime Minister Shimon Peres revealed that
Israel’s clandestine nuclear program was largely financed by private contributions during the 50s and 60s. The authors’ also mention that, ‘According to the Israeli journalist Michael Karpin, a key coordinator of this fund-raising effort was Abraham Feinberg, a well-connected U.S. businessman, philanthropist, and political adviser, and contributors to the campaign reportedly included Canadian beverage magnate Samuel Bronfman and several members of the Rothschild family.’ ² With the Rothschilds involved, anyone who knows anything about world history and affairs is sure to draw the conclusion that Israel is acting in collusion with the Rothschilds in the Rothschilds’ quest for, quite literally, world domination.

Speaking of Israel’s “clandestine nuclear program”, according to the authors’, ‘When CIA Director Richard Helms came to the White House in 1968 to inform [President] Johnson that U.S. intelligence had concluded that Israel had in fact acquired a nuclear capability, Johnson told him to make sure that nobody else was shown the evidence, including Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

According to the journalist Seymour Hersh, “Johnson’s purpose in chasing Helms- and his intelligence- away was clear: he did not want to know what the CIA was trying to tell him, for once he accepted that information, he would have to act on it. By 1968, the President had no intention of doing anything to stop the Israeli bomb.”

In addition to its nuclear arsenal, Israel maintains active chemical and biological weapons programs and has yet to ratify either with the Chemical or Biological Weapons Convention. The irony is hard to miss: the United States has pressured many other states to join the NPT, imposed sanctions on countries that have defied U.S. wishes and acquired nuclear weapons anyway, gone to war in 2003 to prevent Iraq from pursuing WMD, and contemplated attacking Iran and North Korea for the same reason. Yet Washington has long subsidized an ally whose clandestine WMD activities are well-known and whose nuclear arsenal has given several of its neighbors a powerful incentive to seek WMD themselves.

Israel gets its aid despite its refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty and its various WMD programs. It gets its aid when it builds settlements in the Occupied Territories(losing only a small amount through reductions in loan guarantees), even though the U.S. government opposes this policy.

It also gets its aid when it annexes territory it has conquered(as it did on the Golan Heights and in Jerusalem), sells U.S. military technology to potential enemies like China ³, conducts espionage operations on U.S. soil, or uses U.S. weapons in ways that violate U.S. law(such as the use of cluster munitions in civilian areas in Lebanon).

It gets additional aid when it makes concessions for peace, but it rarely loses American support when it takes actions that make peace more elusive. And it gets its aid even when Israeli leaders renege on pledges made to U.S. presidents. Menachem Begin promised Ronald Reagan that he would not lobby against the proposed sale of AWACS aircraft to Saudi Arabia in 1981, for example, but Begin then went up to Capitol Hill and told a Senate panel that he opposed the deal.’

Apparently, if there are three things that Israel excels at, they are lying to people, bombing people, and then claiming they have the moral high ground, and that they are “defending” themselves, while stealing other people’s land. My scorecard, since the creation of the state of Israel by the UN, says that there have been 11 cases of escalated hostilities, and out of those, Israel has been the aggressor nine times.

This simply rearranges the cyclical logic(or apparent lack thereof), to bombing people, claiming defense and the moral high ground while stealing other people’s land, and then fabricating more lies to cover up the lies they’ve already told.

In summary, the whole of the Middle East is still indeed a Cold War proxy prize, as both Russia and China are threatening to get involved militarily if Israel keeps attacking and invading everyone, yet still the US is proceeding into uncharted territory of the realms of self-imposed ignorance.

America is set on autopilot, asleep at the controls, with a faulty Israeli GPS system navigating us directly towards the murky Cold War waters that could very well end up engulfing us in World War III, in the most extreme example of how it is not in our best interest or wisdom to blindly follow Israel’s influence simply to retain an ally that keeps creating more enemies for both of us…

Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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