300: This is Gaza!

by mkleit



After my recent post about israeli attacks on Gaza strip, whether lately or years ago, analyses show that the zionist military does not into direct combat with the Palestinian resistance. 

The israeli “defence” forces (IDF) relies solely on three things: aircraft mostly, long range land artillery, and naval bombardment. Troops were never used during the attacks on Gaza, but now that the equation has changed, israeli War Minister Ihud Barak announces recruiting 75000 substitute soldiers. 

Let’s review some facts:

– Gaza strip alone contains over two million Palestinian residents.

– Palestinian Intifada (revolution) against the israeli occupation started in 1987 using mostly sling-shots and stones.

– Second Intifada started in 2000 and sling-shots became AK47 (Russian machine gun).

– In 2009, al Qassam Brigade (The military wing of Palestinian Hamas party) were able to attain missiles in order to return the israeli attacks on Gaza and level up with the aggression imposed on them.

– In 2012, Palestinian al Qassam Brigade were able to shoot down an israeli F16 jet fighter and apprehend its two pilots. 

– The israeli “defense” forces contains over 300000 soldiers, and 75000 substitutes.

– al Qassam Brigade soldiers are unknown in number, yet less than the IDF (I don’t agree that IDF are a defense force, they were always a cause of aggression and offense on the Palestinian side).

I remembered at this point the movie 300, when the Spartan leader Leonidas was telling his Archadian ally that he has more soldiers than him, not by number, but by profession.

israelis and zionists around the world, this is not Sparta, This Is Gaza!

300 movie clip


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