Life is NOT Worth 1000LL

by mkleit

Van drivers are known for their crazy driving and they’re ALWAYS in a hurry to reach their checkpoints. Nevermind the lives inside the automobile, they’re in more hurry though it’s their job to transport people from one place to another.

So I was going back home from Hamra last night after a long rainy day. I found van 4 (that takes a route from Hamra’s Fransabank to some place in the Southern suburb of Beirut) and mounted in, since I’m a public transportation supporter, but probably last night was my final day to be one.

The “sheuffeur” teleported us passengers using his ultra-sonic speed found in his motor, so we’d reach Tayouneh highway in a mere 10 minutes, which is relatively VERY fast, taking into consideration the estimated 20min time lapse any automobile needs to reach Tayouneh from Hamra, as well as the never-ending traffic of Bechara el Khoury highway.

This ultra-sonic speed, combined with multiple breakings of traffic laws such as THE RED LIGHT and SPEED LIMITS, resulted in reaching the edges of Beirut Mall in a jiffy.

The full packed van, minus two passengers, roamed Saida’s old highway with speed and horn honking at every 2 second stop due to traffic. It’s known that van drivers are opportunists, so seconds before the light turned red, the van raced through traffic and went on the sidewalk to cross the Zebra line.

Though the light turned red before he reached the intersection, but it didn’t matter for him… The only thing that mattered that there was a guy driving on the intersection and almost crashed to the side of the van. That really pissed him off.

The car driver started cussing his head off and the van driver parked aside to join the dude. All passengers were in a state of fear and shock that they’ve escaped certain collision, if not damaged, then death.

So, doing the “righteous” thing, I started complaining to person next to me, to result a huge querrell inside the van between all passengers against the “sheuffeur”. (Yes, I know the Lebanese mentality)

But my “righteous” acts did not stop at that point, I “threw a command” to the passenger to leave the van to its driver and take another… Because our lives is NOT worth 1000LL !

That being said, the “sheuffeur” ran back to his van ordering the ex-passengers to go back in… Sadly, none listened! and the big bad driver went to his checkpoint, probably all alone.


Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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