Human Rights or Human Privileges?

by mkleit

The Story of Human Rights



The Opinion and Counter-Opinion

I placed this second video so that I wouldn’t be plagiarizing George Carlin’s thoughts.
George argues that Rights are not “God-given”, they’re privileges since your government can still take it away whenever possible, directly and indirectly.
and keep in mind, that the first video didn’t show Human Rights violations in Palestine via israeli soldiers.


Rights – George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya!

3 Comments to “Human Rights or Human Privileges?”

  1. I’ve watched the two videos and let me tell you it’s amazing to have someone view things in two perspectives.
    But I’ll have to argue with you, Mhamad, that I was more intrigued with The Story of Human right, not because it’s promoting the UN (which isn’t the case) since they do show footage of a Palestinian with a koofiya holding a murdered child. I won’t lie to you, I was skeptic of the content of this video till the second half started. This is the actual timeline of human rights, and yes, the video was exhibiting two perspectives alone.

    While George Carlin, in a humorous act of criticism, reflects reality, but doesn’t ask for change like the first video. I’m sorry, but when it comes to critical and serious topics such as violated rights, I will not laugh nor smile at a heart-breaking reality we live in. Remember, you can be critical of George Carlin himself, whom might be normalizing the wrong while thinking he isnt?

    Much Love,

  2. First, I have watched the video again, it’s true, it does show a Palestinian with a Kaffiya, but it was showed as glimpse of the entire video… the Palestinian Intifada has it’s place in history like Mandela, Ghandi, and Black March.

    Second, I admire Carlin’s work because he doesn’t criticize societal issues, governments, and people for the sake of fun; in the sense of body language, he doesn’t smile after a “joke”, so it wouldn’t be considered as one. You can consider it as an awareness campaign. Sadly, people consider it as a “stand up comedy show”.

    Behind the laughs he made, the notion of rights is very skeptical and relative.

    Much Love 🙂

  3. In view of the nature of this video, I don’t find it relevant why the Palestinian situation should be described fully, seeing that this wasn’t the issue (with all due respect to the cause you mentioned and I know the weight of it)

    Carlin was working in the field of stand up comedy, unless he’s a schizoid, I’m sure he was aware of the fact that people come to LAUGH in his shows, and the part of not smiling after a statement can be a mere technique to cause MORE laughing. Hehehe It’s a theory, I could be wrong.

    I didn’t find my comment very judgmental of Carlin, I love the guy, but I didn’t find his video the counterpart of the first video.

    NB: If Carlin worked in the field of politics, he would have been assassinated 😛 So now we know why jokers are liked by kings, they’re never taken seriously, and that’s exactly why I wanted to show you.

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