Israel in Lebanese

by mkleit

A message, by David Zouaiter:

Across Cultures

إسرائيل باللّبنانية


On the 1st of November 2012 a Facebook page under the name “Israel in Lebanese” was launched, the page admin calls it the Israeli embassy in Lebanon. Shortly after it was launched it made a cyber controversy where many upset Lebanese Facebook users found the page very offensive and out of place, the page admin replied with a post and said “قل لنا كيف تكتب … نقل لك ما هي حضارتك”, meaning “show us how you write… we’ll tell you what your culture is”.

The page says its mission is to bring Lebanon and Israel closer, and that it wants to go past the bloodshed and violence between the two “countries” and show us the good heart and love that Israel has for the Lebanese people. Needless to remind all readers of the history of attacks Israel has held on Lebanon, latest as long ago as…

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