9-11: Part III, Scene London Olympics

by mkleit

Almost a year ago I’ve written something on facebook about the whole 9/11 thing… Now I don’t call myself a conspiracy theorist, but at some points, you can’t deny certain stable facts… In a few minutes, the Sun would fulfill its rotation, which takes 11 earthly years.

And it happens that 22 years ago (Two full Sun rotations), Daddy Bush announced the initiation of the New World Order on 11/9/1991. 11 years later, in 11/9/2001, we had the all famous “incident” at the World Trade Centers (WTC). Then what happened? Invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, aggression on Lebanon and Gaza, and the patriot act, where every non-white person has become a terrorist.
Now we’re in 11/9/2012, or 11 years later, and we have a huge event such as the Summer Olympics, and conspiracy theorists sought that the Big Ben tower would have the same fate of WTC, and the new enemy would be either Iran or Pakistan because of their nuclear power…

Probably yes, probably no; the most matter of a fact thing is that we should keep an open eye for all false flag operations happening and might happen in the near future.

It’s a card game of two players, yet the opponent has all the cards, and we have to have a close peak at what they are.

A video that claims the card game the illuminati has placed it’s plots on, the video maker claims that the cards were released in 1995, others say in 1981


Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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