A Thought of Mind: Were 300 Iranians dead? or killed?!

by mkleit

“The Obama administration said Tuesday that it would expedite applications to help Iran’s earthquake victims. Prospective donors have expressed worry and confusion over whether such charitable aid runs afoul of the extensive American sanctions imposed on the country because of its disputed nuclear program… More than 300 people were killed, and thousands left homeless, in a double earthquake that struck in northwest Iran on Saturday. A third quake struck the area on Tuesday”New York Times

Iran has been suffering international sanctions because of its nuclear program. In a simpler way, it’s on the other side of the field alongside Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Russia, and Hezbullah and its allies in Lebanon.

Nevertheless, The two earthquakes that struck Northern West of Iran were a bit fishy, especially after the Obama administration’s statement. USA wants to help Iran? I don’t deny humanitarianism, but since when did any US government convey a humanitarian message for a foreign country such as Iran without having a political-military agenda under the table.


  •  the Gulf war: operations desert storm and desert shield; USA and its allies established military bases all over the gulf, especially in KSA and Qatar.
  • Iraqi war; the purpose of the war was claimed to be about “weapon of mass destruction” although it made huge profits for Bush family’s oil companies.
  • Afghanistan’s invasion: Afghanistan own 90% of the world’s poppy fields
  • Vietnam’s war: Vietnamese discovered high quantity of Uranium on their lands
  • and so many more, research False Flag Operations

Watch this video to know about the first two Iran earthquakes:

HAARP, as explained in a previous blog post, is The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (abbreviated as HAARP) is a joint research venture funded by the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the University of Alaska.

The project was started way back in 1993, with the aim of analyzing the ionosphere, in order to assess the potential of developing it to further enhance the radio communication and surveillance technology. The HAARP Research Station – the facility where this research is carried out, is located at a US Air Force site in Alaska.

A high power radio frequency transmitter is used to excite a specific portion of the ionosphere for a temporary period.

The following insight was intriguing:


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