Facebook Moves from Small Israel to a Greater One

by mkleit


This video explains the relation between Facebook and the freemasons, as well as how the website is working on creating the bigger israel state.

3 Comments to “Facebook Moves from Small Israel to a Greater One”

  1. So now asking for more freedom and equality is masonic and zionist? Look we all know who Israel is, but let’s tone down the paranoia a notch. The vidoe explains nothing, it is a series of assumptions. You can draw a triangle around my face and claim that I am a freemason and working for creating greater Israel. Anyway, the way I see it, Facebook helped people express their anger, it didn’t create the anger.
    If anything is indicative, the revolutions of Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Yemen are being high jacked by Islamist and Salafist groups, who think, like the sheikhs portrayed in this video, that Arabs and Muslims do not really need democracy but need more theocracy to fix their situation.

    So who benefited more from Facebook?

    • I take this as a personal analysis, after the israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006, the zionist movement failed to gain Lebanon to their map, thus failed to move towards Syria and so forth.

      Facebook was created in 2007, and it seemed too innocent and cute, but I would ask a small question: why does the logo have a 2010? would you believe it as only a coincidence that 2010 is the year that the Arab Spring started?

      The controlling groups now are an outcome of it. Libya got robbed from its resources, Tunisia is in chaos, Egypt (one of the greastest fears of israel ever since 48) is focusing on the senseless political problems, and now Syria is in a total mess because of foreign inteference (regardless of the side)

      The video is not a total exposure of facts/theories, but it can help connect certain peices of the puzzle together

      If the whole WWII was made to set Europe on fire so that USA would take control of their economy and way of life (researches have shown that US banks funded both sides of the war), why wouldn’t facebook be designed for such a cause?

      • Facebook was designed to make money through ads, that’s its ultimate aim, much like google. The more they know about you the more they can target you with ads. Now since these social networks are a hub of personal info, governments around the world would like to take advantage of this.

        Back to the Israel issue. You know as much as I hate Israel, I would also be very cautious of involving Israel in everything. In fact those who do kind of reinforce the idea that Israelis (hence jews) are somewhat superior. I don’t believe in this.

        Then again, I was sincerely annoyed when western media glorified the role of facebook, twitter, youtube, google,…in the arab spring. In a way they hinted that arabs cannot be genuine and creative and had to rely on what the west throws at them,

        Facebook, youtube, google…are only means to an end, and not the end itself. Much like in the old days, newspapers, magazines, flyers, served to gather momentum to certain causes and revolutions, these new tech tools are serving these purposes today.

        Conspiracy theories abound, they are way too numerous, and some of them are correct, but one should practice common sense. Anyway, if Facebook is set to dominate the world and create the bigger Israel, this video is too weak as an evidence.

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