by mkleit

خربشات بيروتية

Narcissus from

If there is one thing I know for sure, is that I think, therefore I exist, and therefore, most certain of all, I am inevitably stupid. 

A month ago, all I wanted to do was to promote myself. I wanted to get more followers from Twitter and the likes (YouTube views,  Facebook fans, etc.). I think the best self description here would be: “attention whore”. Twitter was the best medium for this self exposure since Facebook doesn’t exactly give you that “smart” image. So I did it all from jumping into popular hashtags, to following everyone who mentions that hashtag and who follows me, to linking my account with an RSS twitterfeed account and of course doing all the necessary work with the SMO (Social Media Optimization) and placing the just the right words in the bio. And, for the cherry on top, I used Hootsuite to monitor anything that…

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