Ali Shaaban, A Martyr with a Bloodshot Lens

by mkleit

Ali Shaaban, the NewTV cameraman was shot dead today by, what fellow reporter Hussein Khreis has said to be the Syrian army, in the Northern border area of Khaled’s Valley (Wadi Khaled).
Ali was  shot during a heavy fire suppression for well over an hour from the Syrian side on their news vehicle, where the team stayed for three hours before the residents were able to aid them out of danger, according to Hussein Khreis and Nevertheless, they were not able to save Ali’s life, who fell as a martyr of journalism.

المصور الصحافي علي شعبان

Seeing the result of such a misfortune, Ali Shaaban has fell as both a martyr and a journalistic cameraman, who’s life has been lost for the goodwill of his profession; shooting information, and reporting the truth with full focus.

As always, some of the Lebanese citizens showed off their usual “small-brainness” when dealing with the matter by the typical two extremes:

– The first group that forgot the story faster than the bullets that killed Ali and said: “Did you see the Syrian regime how it murders innocent souls?”

– The second group that attacked NewTV by accusing them  into attacking the Syrian regime when saying that the Syrian army opened fire on their journalists.

And as my friend told me: “All this and there’s a body out there”

We have lost our humane feelings for senseless arguments such as; who did it and who did not, and over who will score the point this time and who will not, just so that we could have the pleasure of pointing fingers of blame at one another.

And the bigger problem is not only the word of mouth, it’s also Lebanese politicians using the incident to accuse the Syrian regime of terrorizing the lands of the North.

Nevertheless, for me, I’ve learnt that the Lebanese people showed lack of humane intimacy towards a fellow journalist and Lebanese as well.

So go have fun arguing about senseless political issues such as who killed who 10 or 20 years ago, and why did the chicken cross the road, where was the road, Dahye or Tarik Jdideh? or if the chicken was pro-8th or 14th of March?

In memory of Ali Shaaban, this is how stains start in the black Lebanese history…

“When journalists go for truth, they come back with bloodshot lenses.”

Photo of Journalist Cameraman Ali Shaaban - Photo from Facebook

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