The Contradiction of Beauty

by mkleit

Lovers joined hands and shared embraces, educated began spreading their words over blank papers, and people in general paused, almost took a 20min deep breath and slowly exhaled with the dancing breeze. The life forms all seized action to stop and stare, as if they were wishing for that moment never to end, to freeze time in the smooth summer wind, as beauty showered them from the front, and gave life to the most profound image found, until they have lived inside that tranquil picture.

The serenity is bounded by the margin of the divine painting, inspired by the unassembled waves crashing on the shores and the glittery water reflecting magnificence in the blue ceiling above. Between this and that, overcame perfection when the orange disk started taking its last breath for the day.  As if it’s hanging to its life with the purple sky pillows, whispering through the sea to all creation; “come and see, before I take my­ final step to a watery grave. You’ll see the beauty in colors as I fade away, and appreciate the splendor of contradiction.”

We Gather Around Beauty

Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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