A Midnight Realm

by mkleit
The Notebook

"I Spread Knowledge, But Give Myself the Appropriate Credit"

 I opened the door to the rooftop on one midnight in my summer days. A tender breeze tickled me, spreading goose bumps all over my body. I stopped for a few seconds, placing my book on my side, just to inhale the cool summer air. I went into a transitional phase; some nostalgic childish thoughts roamed my mind, until a crow broke the silence, with a single scream, as if it uttered my name aloud, it echoed through the alleys, above the rooftops, and found way in my chest, leaving it to rumble as a teaser to my state of serene. I clinched tighter to my book until I almost felt its moisture. That was my sweat squeezing out like crazy and soaking the book.

It was a cold summer breeze, yet I did not feel its touch, what I only sensed was an infernal heat rising from my depths. My heart fiercely pounding back and forth on my ribs and sideways on my lungs forcing me to breathe hard. Seconds passed by till I comforted myself a little with the serenades of the crickets as I watched the crow’s silhouette gradually shrinking in size until it became almost invisible amongst the circumference of the moon and behind the shrouded mist. Suddenly, I heard nothing, as if that bird was life to everything here and as it faded, the thing alive remained for sure, that silence and nothing more.

Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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