“I don’t know yew”

by mkleit

That smile settled, shy yet proud. While my ink was playing with my papers and weathering my thoughts over the sentences and between the lines.
I was inspired, it got to my mind its crowded noise from its unmistakable silence, and extracted the thoughts of waves crashing over boulders and stones.
Thus between this and that, a painting of divinity stroke perfection; the disk sank behind the horizons enigma.
God showed mastery in orange, filling the whereabouts. The purple of the clouds fading, fading, and faded, while the sun pleaded what’s above before drawing the last breath, or were the creations of the above pleading the sun for its departure?
Nevertheless, beauty lies in contrast… Death of the disk and revival of the coloration.

Purple and Orange, The Lebanese Sunset

I told the droplets on my cheek not to show, there’s no place left for them in that sea, I realized I should save those inhales for the coming days… So I’m going back home to turn off the candles on my tables. It’s time for me to curse the smile I settled in that meeting between the yesterdays and now. It stayed as long as I’m subconsciously aware of what I’m not, to take that lip curve of that dumb-head’s face… And I remained in the state of: “I don’t know yew”


2 Comments to ““I don’t know yew””

  1. Nooo, I mean WHO??? not Why?? , you don’t know WHO???
    This flu is driving me insane!!

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