The “Rael” Standards and Optimism

by mkleit

The Israeli reality is far from caring for the citizens in their state. The extremist Jew government’s interest lies in its extremist Jews and religious fanatics, neither the city of Tel Aviv nor Haifa, not as if the security of the state is not a matter of concern, but Ariel settlers of Hebron are a main focus as the state of Israel itself…

Palestinia Libré - Alaa Kanaan

As Palestinian extremists refuse the state of Israel and recognize it as an occupying state, Netanyahu has the same view in favor for Israel. Moreover, the maintenance of the support of some Palestinians, Arab, and Muslim nations and vanishing the idea of mutiny against the Jewish state. But we’re taught since birth the hatred towards Israel and not recognizing its state.

Eventhough, truth is much more evident when Palestinians have recognized the 1967 borders of Israel as valid to place their security forces as well as placing their state laws in. In 1993, the White House hosted the late Yasir Arafat, PM Rabin, and former US president Clinton. The reason behind that: signing an agreement for cross-rights recognition between Israeli and Palestinians. Since then, that agreement was not tampered until a few months ago when Netanyahu the Oslo agreement would be revoked if the Palestinians go to UN.

The advantage coming out of this step to Palestinians is their ability to solve their problems with Israel on a political level with a different perspective. How? UN would recognize the Palestinian state so they would have ability to negotiate with the problematic issues with Israel not as a supplement state of a stronger one, but as an equal state in control.

The status quo is an important asset to Netanyahu’s government, regardless of the backfire that could resort to having all neighboring countries as harsh enemies, losing strategic positioning with Turkey, and preventing a critical war with Iran. Its main goal is continuing to impose the “Vito” of Obama’s government on the Palestinian demands in the UN council.

September 20th 2011 is the date when the UN will vote over the recognition of the state of Palestine, but the thumbs are skeptic in getting up when it comes to the US and its allies votes. Netanyahu posses a strong lobby roaming the White House and other presidential and royal houses in control of other nations, but Palestinians still builds hope that the US and its counterparts of nations would be the minority in the vote for recognition which would strengthen the Palestinians and would probably place doubts in Netanyahu’s strength to carry on his mission.

But the hopes are beyond real, they are just “trampolining” on a thin line between success and defeat. Nevertheless, the people of the occupied nation are still hanging by threads of optimism and anticipation to return back the state that has been taken from them since 1948 and spray on the blood covered walls: Freedom-Pride-Palestine

On Towards Filistin - Mhamad Kleit


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