Death Magnetic

by mkleit

my fairy godmother ... I love yew my angel ❤

Dawn is the rising of the sun, something that shines thoroughly in between my iris. The dawn of a new era within me has risen. It’s never simple to endure sorrow, no matter how accustomed you are to pain and agony.

Once upon that dreary evening, where I sat lonely pondering worried and weary that something has gone wrong, I’ve never had such a strong hunch in my life. Never were they honest nor convincing, yet this one came out of nowhere, diminishing all my beliefs and shattering then aside.

I was setting sail to seas but my ships were pulled off course by that light surrounded by fog. The closer I get, the more blurry it gets. What I seek was nothing to be found since I didn’t know what I’ve been searching for.

Alas, the coldest of miseries has fallen on me, that light covered by fog was a mere image of a newly recruited angel in the heavens above. As I sat waving farewell, I was watching that lifeless body crashing my heart, stimulating my tears and emotions.

How could I be lost in remembering her if the memory is stained to my mind and heart? My ships were sailing to golden shores yet her ships sailed to a golden shore of crimson horizon, she’s welcomed to be an angel and I’m welcomed to be a forlorn for evermore.

In the loving memory of sweet Nancy Qambar: Farewell my darling…Never a mere memory, just a soothing spirit.

Yewrz truly,

Mhamad (AKA Paztik)


Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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