Inkish Letters

by mkleit

I’m taking long while remembering what I have to write, so I’m leaving this pen gliding it’s way on blank papers and hopefully sign in yewr heart.

It’s writing what happened when we had our short bursts of eye-contact; where in seconds, I saw the pieces of me become whole again.

It’s sending an apology from me, if I ever annoyed yew while I was gazing. The eye seeks beauty and yew were the only one I see from across the room, Thus I apologize for inconvenience.

It’s noting moments that for sure got me out of reality, to surf on the lands of imagination, but being as simple and realistic as I am, never the less, optimistic.

It’s thanking thousands of wishing stars for giving me the answer to my prayers. It’s drawing yewr portrait, because it knows it would serve me well. It’s releasing what I have to write, filling up these blank pages smoothly.

Born to Touch Yewr Feeling - Mhamad Kleit

It’s letting go of my emotions, but these inkish letters don’t speak as loud as my heart.


Freedom to Speak, Respectfully.

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